The Business Game for Kids™

The fun and challenge happens throughout your product and advertisement creation and as you see if your friends and family would buy your product. If you create a great advertisement that people like or a product that people would buy; you win in our business game! 

The Business Game For Kids is about  developing a product that kids would read online.  We call it a "kid's online  digital information product or a " KODIP.  Your KODIP  will tell other kids about something you know about, are good at, enjoy to do yourself or something you think  kids will like. (Examples of KODIPs) Once you have created your KODIP , you need to come up with a product name, a written advertisement  and a  name for your business - just like setting up a real business. Now you have the challenge of testing your product on friends, family and potential customers. Have fun and good luck.

This game is a simple as;

  1. Giving your business a name,

  2. Creating an information product,

  3. Naming your product,

  4. Developing an advertisement for your product,

  5. Playing with other people by testing your product on others - see what they think. Others will tell you if  you have a winning product and winning business.

The Kids Business Game, gives kids a "taste" of business experience by actually going through a business set-up.

We have provided the Just for Clicks Business Game as the first version of The Kids Business Game.


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