Gifts of business for kids can be given in a number of ways;

  • the gift of your time - give a little time to talk about business and explore business with a child,

  • the gift of your money - purchase quality gifts that help a child think about business, learn about business, prepare for business or launch a business,

  • access to people - provide the gift of a conversation with someone who can have a positive influence and help a child prepare for business. One simple and effective example is golf caddying or mentoring,

  •  access to resources - provide information about business - books, magazines, web sites , videos etc.

  • supporting organizations that deliver programming to help kids prepare for their futures,

  • giving business related resources to schools


Gifts of business for kids can be given by a number of people;

  • parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles,

  • friends of the family,

  • kids (birthday parties),

  • youth service groups - new program ideas,

  • people interested in impacting kids in a positive way - donate resources to help kids prepare for business


The Gift Of Business For Kids - Ideas To Consider


Free online programming to introduce kids to business. The gift is the information available to kids and the time you give them to get them started. The gift could be as simple as telling them about the site!