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Allowance Contract


This agreement is intended to communicate the goals and terms of the allowance. This

agreement is between _____________________________ (name of "allowancee" - receiving


the allowance) and _______________________________(name of allowanceor - paying the




Reason for the allowance: (goals of agreement)



An allowance is being _____________(given/earned) for the following reasons;







(Example: to teach responsibility, learn to manage money, have own spending money)


Terms of the allowance:


1)How the allowance will be earned:








(Example: specific jobs around the house, school performance, helping others)




The allowance will be in the amount of _________________.


3) Payment term:


The allowance will paid______________ (daily/weekly/monthly) starting on the ______________(1st, 15th, 30th or specific day) day.


4) Currency:


The allowance will paid in _____________________ currency.


5) Use of allowance funds.


The allowance will be used with the following restrictions;








(Example: no restrictions, % savings, % gifts, %discretionary spending money)


6)Duration Term of this agreement:


This agreement is effective on _____________________(date) and will end on


_______________________ (date)


7) Disputes:


In the event of a dispute over any of the terms of this agreement;. both parties agree to


binding arbitration. The arbitrator will be _____________________________ (name)


This agreement was agreed to at_____________________ (city) and in the ____________________(Country)


Signatures of parties to this agreement::





Name of Allowancee





Signature of Allowancee




Name of Allowanceor





signature of Allowanceor