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Book Club 

This is a chance for you to develop business skills and experience as you work together in a book club.

What is a book club?

A book club is usually a group of people who read the same book and then get together and discuss it. 

 As the TeachingKidsBusiness.com  website was developed, we looked at a number of resources, including books.  We thought we would share, with you, some of these books and other books that we discover as we  develop.  We are sharing this information through our book club and encourage you to set up your own book club.

  We would like to set up a book club a little differently.  Anyone that visits our site can be part of our Book Club.

Our Book Club is interested in books that help kids develop life skills ( skills that help you manage your daily life - time management, thinking, character as in our resource center) and prepare for business and careers.  

There aren't many  books specifically to help prepare kids for business but there are good books to help kids develop life skills. We will find these books and post them on our recommended reading list. We will also develop books and other reading materials to help you.

Recommended Book Club List of Books

What does reading have to do with teaching business?

Reading is a great life skill to have and it will help you later in business.  You will find that you use a lot of  information in business and that you will mostly read this information.

Please consider our books in our store to help kids learn about & experience business and prepare for careers.


Tips on when to read. 

  • On a day when you don't feel like going outside for whatever reason. Grab a book and start reading,

  • If you aren't feeling well and are home from school - grab a book and read.

  • If you want to improve yourself in a sport or other interest - grab a book on the topic and read,

  • Don't be afraid to be caught in a library - it may not be the coolest spot in the world, but give it a try - sign-out a book and start reading,

  • If you are at a sporting event where you are participating or watching and there is some time to fill - grab a book and start reading,

  • If life is really busy and you need a little quiet time -  find  a spot and grab a book and start reading,

  • Just before you sleep is a great time to read. You will find that it relaxes you and helps you sleep better - grab a book and start reading (make sure your lighting is good),

  • Anytime when you have some time to fill - grab a book and start reading,

  • If you happen to be working out on an exercise bike etc. - grab a book and start reading.

  • If you pack a book when you are on the go, you might find a little time to read.

What's the big thing about reading!

Go back in history and think about the impact the printing press on the world. As soon as information could be shared and circulated, things really started happening in the world. Printed information was and still is a great way to share information  as is  TV., radio, telephones and the internet.  A lot has changed through history to allow you to obtain a lot more information easier.  With more information available to you, reading has become more important then ever.

How to get started in your Book Club

  1. Make a list of people that you think might be interested in joining a book club.

  2. Write out the idea of the book club to include the kinds of books, how often you plan to meet and how you will discuss the books.

  3. Ask the people from your list if they are interested in joining a book club, if they know someone else that might be interested, when they would be available and other things that are important to them. People may not want to standup and talk about it so make sure the way you plan to run it is ok with the members.  You can also figure it out as you go based on how well different approaches work.

  4. Once you have interested people, pick a book, communicate it to everyone and set a date to get together. 

  5. When you get together figure out how best to discuss the book and choose another book. Trial an error may be the best. Try one approach and see how it works.  There is no right or wrong approach as it depends on the people in the club.  Some will want rules and others just want to talk and have a few laughs.

  6. When you meet, don't loose sight that it is not a dinner party or something the host has to spend a lot of money on. Keep it simple and even have kids bring a snack etc.

  7. It matters what you read but by just reading and reading you will improve your reading skills.  The better the book or the  more interesting it is to you, the easier it is to spend time reading.

Feel free to set up your book club to read what you want to read  and have some fun. If you don't want to start with books, you can start your club with some readings from our resource center .

Recommended Book Club List of Books


Write A Kid's Book

There is even the opportunity for you to write.  Let us help you publish it. The use of the internet will allow us to publish (make it available for people to buy) .  e-Book publishing could be a way for you to gain some great experience.  

A good starting point would be short stories.  We could have kids submit short stories to be packaged as an e-book.

We are also approaching book publishers to arrange opportunities for your book.

If you are interested in writing a book, check-out our "Kids-Works-Ventures Program

[TeachingKidsBusiness.com Book Club™ Recommended Readings]

Congratulations from TeachingKidsBusiness.com!  You have taken another big step in developing your business skills and career preparation.   You will find this to be a very helpful skill, as you use it daily.  Don't stop here!