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 Business (Corporate) Responsibility

Basically, we all have responsibility for caring for people, animals and the environment. Businesses have similar responsibilities as you and I. In many situations business take the lead in these areas because they have the money to get things done or they have the power to get things done or to avoid their responsibilities.

This may not seem to be one of the most interesting topics we discuss but it is an area that is getting a lot of attention in the real business world.

Business responsibility or corporate responsibility is a topic that can cover a number of areas and can be debated a number of ways. It is one of those things that is not clear.  The key is to be aware of the concept of responsibility of businesses and educate yourself so that you can form an informed opinion.

People that currently run businesses will all explain their companies responsibilities quite differently. Some will suggest that the company is suppose to make money, make a return for investors, others to create jobs, others to produce products and services that do great things for people and others to supply what people want and need, etc.

Let's think about the last explanation - to supply what people want and need. If this is the case then a business will do what we want it to do. To keep or attract us as a customer, a company will do what we want it to do. This is a very powerful statement and puts customers in an interesting  position of influence over a business.

Imagine if customers started saying to a business that they will not do business with them unless they act in a responsible way. The interesting thing now is, what is a responsible way and how do we become responsible or how should businesses and customers act in a responsible way.

Maybe if we think of businesses as people, as kids, instead of corporations, then we will start to discuss how to judge them on right and wrong and that they, as people, should be responsible. We would also think in terms of what  the basics of responsibility are and what we need to do to make sure that  businesses are responsible. 

People who run businesses, will often explain their responsibilities  on behalf of a company, in a number of ways.  This area of opportunity is, corporate governance, and it is dependent on people acting in a responsible way.

We should first make sure we know what responsible is.



That can be charged with being the cause, agent or source of something.
Able to distinguish between right and wrong.

Therefore, when we discus businesses being responsible, we are talking about being the cause of something (good or bad) and knowing between right and wrong. 

When something happens as a result of decisions made by a business, then  that business is responsible and that business should know that they have made a right or wrong decision.

Let's consider some things that we should all have an opinion on when it comes to acting responsible;


Business Ethics - Lying

Code of Ethics

This section is an area that we are developing and we would appreciate input on how to relate this concept to kids and how to further develop it in an impactful  way. Please contact us from our contact page.