TeachingKidsBusiness.com Business 101 Course

This course will introduce,prepare and provide experiences to help kids prepare for business and career choices.


Introduction to business:




Business Basics Program :


This section gives kids the ABC's of business which will help them get started thinking about business. 


Lemonade Stand Program :


This program walks kids through many steps of setting-up and running a business - the familiar lemonades stand business.

Recommended reading is The Kids' Guide To Business. Information available at www.thekidsguidetobusiness.com


Business Cases:


Review some business cases and create some business cases on businesses that interest kids.



Play some business games.


Resource Center:

www.teachingkidsbusiness.com/resourcecenter.htm :

Develop skills to help kids in business.


How To Start Your Own Business:


There is lots of information throughout this program that will help you realize that there is a lot to business. If you  take the time to think and prepare properly for business, you will have a much greater chance of actually getting started and succeeding in business.


e-mentor Program:


Review profiles on business people to learn about various careers and how to prepare for a career. Have kids talk about what parents, aunts,uncles and neighbors do for a living.


Entrepreneurship Program:


Introduce kids to entrepreneurship and help them recognize and develop entrepreneurial ways.