Business Startup Challenge


Challenge yourself to an unique business startup.


We have created a business opportunity with a high margin product, online electronic distribution in place, under developed marketplace, large market potential, product provides many benefits to society and many reasons to buy and give this product as a gift.


We are offering a Discount Code to allow you to market and sell the product. The Discount Code is 50% which provides great margin opportunities.


Here is a Discount code to start you in business "DA92C" ( to demonstrate this opportunity - an exclusive discount code can be assigned)


No fee or pay out to a third party required. You determine the time and money you are willing to contribute to grow your business.


Here is the product:


More product details:


How it works :


Sell the product, collect the money and e-mail the product as a "Give as a Gift" purchase which allows customers to download in many formats or to send the product as a gift to someone of their choice.