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Please fill in the following information to  create your  own Business Cards. 

You can prepare them on a sheet of paper and cut them out ,or buy blank 

business card sheets at an office supply store and print them out. Take care not to put any information on the card, that you don't want people to see.

 PLEASE run all of this by your parents, before giving your cards to anyone!!!  You will find your cards to be a very helpful tool, when launching your business.

Here is a quick explanation of how to fill out the form:

Kid's Business Name

The name you choose for your business.

Tag Line

A quick phrase that describes your business in a ten words or less. Example: "The best brownies this side of the Mississippi".

Kids Business Operator Name

Put in your name if you like.  This is totally optional.  If you don't want anyone to know who you are, then don't fill it out! Use a net name.


You are the business Owner.  You can also put President & CEO, or whatever you wish!

Info Link

The Info Link by default, will be the www.kidse-marketplace.com, to protect your real identity. People will find your company in this website.

Kid's Business Name:

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