Community Involvement

At Home Mom & Dads

You recognize how critical your role is in developing your kids.  There are many challenges in; instilling the values that are important to you and necessary for your child's development, ensuring positive influences, being a friend, a mentor  and an educator.

You should find our website to be a helpful resource for in-house activities and educational enhancement programming.

We also recognize that many of you  will be transitioning back to work.  You may want to assume some experience related responsibilities to prepare  you for re-entry into the work world. 

We know there are tremendous resources and many talents with people like you.  We see a great opportunity for this area and have just started to sketch it out.

The concept is to get you involved in teaching kids business by levering your skills and sharing them with kids in our website. 

As this initiative is a social venture, as you participate,  you are helping kids in your community and around the world prepare for their futures. 

You can start the process by talking to your own kids about careers & business and by listening and finding answers to the many questions they will have.


Check out the  "Career Experience" area to help you assume out-of-house stimulation and involvement.  We recognize that it is difficult to commit to responsibilities beyond your child. We are developing this section to provide you with personal growth, stimulation and a sense of community involvement in an effective way. You can participate when you want . This can be helpful for those that are preparing to transition back to work.

Check out the "Resource Center" and help develop our tools. 

Check out the "Business Encounters" and help give kids an experience opportunity. If you are organizing or participating in school or community events you may want to consider a "business experience" for kids.

Check out the "e-Mentoring Program For Kids."  Be an e-mentor and/or help us find some great people to profile careers and provide advice to kids.  You might consider a neighbor or your spouses business associates. You may ask your family doctor or grocer etc.