Community Involvement
Corportate Partners

Corporations are always key players in successful community enhancement initiatives on a local and global basis.

Our mutual goals should be for the: development of business skills in kids, a greater understanding of required skills by kids, an investment in business skills and career development that will better prepare Kids for their future working lives.  Many of these programs will also assist adults, as they work along with  kids.

Businesses have proven the success of using training programs to develop adults for generations.  Think of all the training resources that are available and the positive impact they could have on kids, if kids had the exposure to these resources.  Kids could flourish in many positive ways!

We would like to develop strategic relationships with Corporations that are interested in initiating programs to engage and inspire kids to develop business skills and understand career and business choices at an the early age of 8 and up.


* Provide communications material and encouragement to your employees to engage them in the social venture of teaching kids business at an early age.


Network the "e-Mentoring Program for Kids", internally and externally. Profile your company,  industry, suppliers  and opportunities through our  e-Mentor career profiles.

* Offer to participate in our "Business Case Studies" where a child will interview and report on your business for other kids to view on our website.


Create content for the website by sharing some of your training information that we could adapt for kids.

* Participate in our "The Gift Of Business For Kids" as a partner helping us communicate the concept and offer relevant business resources for kids.


Integrate our "Kid's Caddie Program" in your corporate golf outings.  This would provide kids with work experience and networking exposure to business people.


Create business partnership relationships with schools and encourage employees to participate as  advisors to schools in the areas of business skill development and career preparation and/or through our "Just For Clicks Business Game".  


Provide us with links to relevant business and educational material.

* Sponsor a company/industry section in our  website that describes your business and how kids can prepare for a career in this area. 


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