Community Involvement

Please consider as a partner in education to enhance the education of your students.  Teachers are always looking for in-class ideas to help enhance their curriculum and we are trying to provide helpful lessons and resources. You are free to copy pages of our website and distribute them to your students as needed.  We would also like to partner with educators and  appreciate any programming that you feel we should share with kids on our website.

Our programming comprises of resources to help kids develop life skills which will later transform into business skills, experiences to help kids gain business/work related experience and some insights into careers and business.  

A well-rounded education has many components beyond the classroom setting.  Educators, parents, community members and the business community as a team can contribute so much to a child’s education.  The advancement of technology, a highly competitive global marketplace, evolving job skills markets and heightened awareness of the importance of an education, has created opportunities for assistance to our education systems.  

Embracing partnerships between schools and business, will enhance the education of kids and provide needed resources.  As educators, we need to investigate these resources and integrate them in a way that enhances the child’s learning experience, makes education relevant to the changing times and prepares kids for their futures. can be used as a resource to help expose kids to life skills, career & business understanding and development at an early age.  Our goal is to develop components that you could use in class to leverage your current curriculum and apply it to business and career related topics.  



Embrace the idea of exposing kids to life skills, career preparation and business educational information. 

* Explore our "Teacher Resource Center" "Resource Center" and "Business Encounters" for curriculum enhancement and business partnership opportunities.


Provide curriculum to that is relevant to the career/business development of kids to be shared on the website.  

* Participate in our Music Mentoring song initiative as a school or as a class.
* The Kid's  Recommendation Form would be an interesting tool to integrate with writing skills development.  Improvisation could be used in Language Arts etc.


Participate with your class in the "Just For Clicks Business Game", created by

* Provide our "Caddie Program" to your community to provide kids with a job training program and valuable work experience.
* Help kids start a book club.
* Encourage kids and help facilitate a business club for kids.
* Explore ways in which you can encourage youth empowerment.