Community Involvement


You are through your working life and have forgotten more than most of us young ones have learned.  You realize that companies, industries and products have changed, but there is still the need for a human element in business that can’t be overlooked.

You are understandably concerned about the future of your grandchildren and children in general.  Let’s use your concern to inspire you to work  with us (not like real work), to develop  Help create programs that you can be proud to be associated with and feel good about, knowing you are helping kids prepare for their future. can be a way for you to reflect on the past and help build the future.  

You are certainly aware of the changing world kids are facing.  There are so many negative influences, lack of attention, too much independence and pressures of a competitive global job market.  Kids need support in many aspects of their life. As a community, there are many things we can do to provide them with skills and confidence needed to face these challenges. was created to assist kids with career  preparation, career and business development, gaining business experience and most importantly, to produce opportunities and instill confidence, which will help kids succeed in life.

Hopefully, you can find a little time to contribute to this program. We can accomplish this in a number of ways.  You will undoubtedly find this program rewarding, interesting and a way to connect with young people through the Internet medium.  As we develop the website, it may be of interest to you, to understand some of the opportunities available to young people today.



Network with other seniors and seniors groups for additional participation.


Share stories that are relevant to understanding a balanced life and what success is really about. You have so much experience and advice that young people can benefit from.  Forward your thoughts and we will try to create a section in the website.


Work with your  grandchild to setup a  business in the  "Just For Clicks Business Game".  


Act as an e-Mentor to share insight on your career and lend advice to kids.  Go to the "e-Mentor Program" or contact people in your community, whom you feel would be an inspiration to kids.


Just enjoy the site.