Community Involvement

"By getting involved in a social cause, I know that I can’t change the world, but I might be able to make a small difference in someone else’s life." - By a Volunteer.


Our goal is to provide kids with business/career "tools", "experiences",  and support  from "Community Involvement."  These components will engage and inspire kids to understand themselves, their interests, abilities and to develop life skills, career and business opportunities for their eventual working lives. 

We will do this in an environment that is non-pressured, safe, positive, interactive, respectful, stimulating, fun, educational, non-commercial and rewarding. 

As a social cause we will help kids succeed in life by preparing them for business and careers at an early age.

We are asking you to join our team of participants and give "Just an hour of your time,"  which can make a big difference in the career/business development and the future of many Kids. By providing us with content assistance we can share it with many kids online and offline through "Youth Service Groups". We are also encouraging kids to help kids by participating in many ways.

Our Community Involvement  is designed to reach numerous groups of people and engage them in flexible and meaningful ways.  The concept of involvement  focuses on the time you spend, developing and distributing programming, generating advice, ideas, partnerships, creating awareness with kids and possible financial resources.

You can involve yourself in a number of ways, but what is most important, is that you leverage your skills and interests in a productive way.  The goal is to have you involved in contributing to the development of the "tools" in the "Resource Center" and "Experience"  in the "Business Encounters" section.  Your contribution may consist of completing an e-Mentoring Form to profile your career and offer advise to kids who wish to enter the database to explore careers.  There are many other ways that you may contribute; we have identified several categories in the "Resource Center" and "Business Encounters" sections and in the categories of participants above.  You may find that you can work with us under one of the many categories we have identified, or contact us with alternate ideas.

Even if you don't participate directly with us, please reach-out in your community with our programming and goals to help kids prepare for business or to teach kids business.

With your support we can surely make this a  successful "community enhancement initiative".


Special Community Minded Projects : 

[Music Mentoring]   [Caddie Program]

[e-Mentoring] [Business Cases]