Cooking Activities


Research Foods


Take some time and google some foods. Explore the foods and areas which grow the foods, understand the nutrtional value of foods and how to cook with them.


Also understand food as in what makes up food -  nutrients, such as carbohydratesfatsproteinsvitamins, or minerals.




Learning Life Skills


Try cooking while considering many of the "life skills" used to cook. Think of all the steps to take to plan, organize, purchase, prepare, clean-up, store, eat etc.


Think of ways to learn these steps and to try and improve the way you approach these steps and how how manage them.


Think of other skills you use; thinking, research, communications etc. List as many as you can think of.


Learn through watching and helping


A simple and effective way to learn is by watching and heloing someone who knows how to perform an activity. A lot can be learned from watching cooking, looking around a grocery store and asking questions along the way.




Here are some recipes that you would not normally think of, but they taste good and are healthy snacks. It is a good use of time to learn about healthy eating and serach for recipes such as these.


Recipe - Pumpkin Muffins


Recipe - Coconut Bark


Recipe - Chocolate Macaroons


The following are links which leave the website. Please be sure you protect yourself from providing personal contact information.


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