Cooking:Health, Food & Life Skills Education for Kids.™


This book is in development and soon to be published and available - a collaborative project featuring cooking, health, food and business content contributors. This is an exciting opportunity to bring interesting, stories, groups of people and businesses together to support a social cause of helping engage kids to develop a healthy foundation in life. The goal is promote a healthy lifestyle and to start it at an early age.


"Recipes for success in life™" - cooking: health, food, and life skills education for kids.


This is a unique book to engage kids in new ways to educate kids through the interactive activities of cooking, understanding food and healthy choices through interesting stories, content, research ideas and recipes. This book will increase the understanding and appreciating of healthy food choices through the activity of cooking and will help develop healthy kids and prepare kids for success in life.


The book combines the activity of cooking in a unique and educational way to connect with parents and kids and nurture development in a number of ways. (physical, emotional, social and intellectual). The key goal is developing healthy eating habits through education. We are encouraging a quality family time activity of cooking with many learning opportunities. Kids can learn through food; a better understanding of society, culture, how we interact with people and the environment and so much more rich history, geography and learning etc.


This book combines each of the elements of the title; cooking, health, food and life skill education. These elements are a great recipe for success in life! We will not only share healthy recipes, but also strategies to educate kids about healthy lifestyles, a greater appreciation and understanding of food, fitness, and the development of many life skills to prepare kids for business and success in life. Everyone can relate to cooking, it is relevant and provides a rich content to enjoy - through our taste taste buds and the stimulation of our minds.


Cooking is the activity for many teaching moments with kids which can drive educational opportunities. Cooking can be expanded to generate research and education beyond the execution of a recipe.


Health is a key strategy for parenting and subject matter kids should be more aware of. This book will engage kids in healthy choices starting with what they eat. Good heath and eating habits can learned through the activity of cooking.


Food is not only good to eat, fun to prepare, but also a very interesting subject matter to understand such as where it comes from, how it is grown or raised with a lot to learn. Food is a very relevant subject to be taught and valuable education - a critical life skill to learn to make the right choices. Food is a great way to explore the world, learn about different cultures and business issues and opportunities in other countries.


Life skills are key to success in life and for kids to reach independence. Raising Independent children is a key goal for every parent, while children thrive for independence. Cooking is an element of independence, but many more valuable life skills can be learned through cooking. Cooking is a life skill and can help develop a foundation of many more life skills used to succeed in life. Life skills such as organization, following instructions, creativity, research, quality control and product promotion to others are examples of many life skills which can be learned through cooking. This book will explore many more life skills and make the connection between skills and the preparation of kids for business.


Social entrepreneur and author Jeff M Brown (founder of and working with other authors and food industry professionals to contribute to this unique cook book. This book is an opportunity to collaborate and feature the stories of people who can help change the lives of kids by providing unique and relevant education, inspiration and actionable ideas - with heathy recipes. There are many excellent bloggers, authors, websites, chefs, nutritionists, health professionals and people supporting social causes to change the eating habits of kids. This book is intended to be a celebration of these efforts and bring them together in a unique way to engage others to make healthy choices.


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