Entrepreneur Cause™


There is a great need for more entrepreneurs, who would create much benefit to the communities they doe business in and as they create jobs and wealth, their businesses will improve the lives of many. This is applicable to all geographical areas, all ages and to all ethnic groups. Small businesses are key to economic growth and prosperity - entrepreneurs drive small business growth.


There is a need for a "social cause" focussed on the development of entrepreneurs which leads to the concept of a "Entrepreneur Cause™" to rise to action and to help develop entrepreneurs.


This can happen at a grassroots level and can be targeted at kids and adults. We can partner with key institutions (governments, financial, academic, social), current entrepreneurs and businesses to support the development of programs to support entrepreneurship.


We will work with crowdfunding platforms to educate and inspire entrepreneurs to attract the capital to develop entrepreneurial businesses.


Our TeachingKidsBusiness.com Entrepreneurship Program is a starting point for a grassroots program targeted at kids and adults that participate with kids. As we introduce people to entrepreneurship, we help them begin the thinking and dreaming process which fosters entrepreneurship. As we help people develop business skills, we will help prepare them for entrepreneurial success.


Please research "entrepreneur" and start the conversation among family, friends and in your social networks. Start planning your entrepreneurial business idea. #EntrepreneurCause


TeachingKidsBusiness.com is developing this cause and is looking for strategic partners to develop programming, create awareness and support systems for entrepreneurs around the world.


To start the funding process for this cause, we are donating proceeds from two of our e-books.


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The Kids Guide to Business


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