Entrepreneurship Dream

Once I had the idea of creating a website to share information from business people with kids, I then started to dream like crazy (day and night) on how to make it happen. In my dreams, I realized that kids had great potential in the area of business (I realized there was a market), that I could provide products and services in a unique way and that I could work hard with lots of passion to make it all really happen.


As an entrepreneur, I thought in terms of opportunities. Parts of my dream started a number of years ago as I, the founder of TeachingKidsBusiness.com, had children and immediately got interested in teaching them as much as I could possibly teach them. I quickly translated my love for my children into a passion for teaching kids. This does not mean that I became a school teacher, but it means that I really wanted to be involved in teaching my kids. I also realized there was so much more to teaching then traditional math, science and language etc. As they grew older, I realized how capable they were and how interested they were in everything. Their questions helped me realize the many questions that kids must have ,but don't always get answered. This is especially true in the area of careers and business.


As I developed a passion to teach my kids, I also begin to realize that my broad base of business experiences and entrepreneurship were something that I could share with them and that business knowledge was an important thing they needed to learn. My passion was now turning into a product and service that I could offer, not only to my own kids, but to other kids.


I recognized how to do something I really wanted to do and do it in an entrepreneurial way. The passion to teach my own kids and my experience with business partnerships in our school started to come together in my dreams. Many of the initial ideas now started to expand in my dreams. A simple idea now took on more meaning and opportunity as I explored it further with dreams. The neat thing about dreams, in a business sense, is that you don't have to risk money to see it develop. You can plan and visualize how it all unfolds. Dreams to me were also brain-storming or just quality thinking time. My kids would often say "Earth to Dad" as my mind would wonder off to "TKB land" (TeachingKidsBusiness.com land) during meal time or whenever.


As I started to develop the website, the Just For Clicks Business Game™ was one of the first ideas. I naturally thought that games were the way to teach kids business. Since I found myself doodling out ideas constantly, I did some research on doodling and created the "Doodle Away to Ideas" section in the site. Each component of the website evolved as I developed ideas and further developed them through dreams.


I continue to dream about preparing kids for business by teaching kids business. The dreams continue in a way that excites me every day, gives me tremendous pride in what I am doing and challenges me in many ways. Dreams are something that can lead to good things and help you explore things that interest you. We have created a section in our resource center to help you develop your "Dreams".