Introduction to Entrepreneurship Program

The TeachingKidsBusiness.com entrepreneurship program has been developed to help kids understand and prepare for entrepreneurship.


Kid's Overview

This section will help you when you think about your own business dream or being in your own business someday as an entrepreneur. This program will help you understand more of what an entrepreneur is, show you what it takes to be one , take you through stories or cases of entrepreneurs and help you become an entrepreneur. We have all dreamed about being a sports star, singer or movie star, but once you know more about entrepreneurship, it will be the next real cool thing to be - a career to consider..


An entrepreneur is;

  • A person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.
  • Someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it or simply someone who is looking to build/develop a company.
  • An entrepreneur is someone who looks at thinks differently - challenges the status quo, knows he or she can do it better or differently.
  • It is important to understand that an entrepreneur is not necessarily someone that is self-employed (works for themselves). As more and more people become self-employed we need to understand what makes people entrepreneurs.
  • -"Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.". Victor Kiam

We have created our "Entrepreneurship Program" to help kids develop entrepreneurial ideas and to provide steps to take in the entrepreneurial journey. We believe that kids can learn to be entrepreneurs and kids have many characteristics of an entrepreneur.


We believe in the potential of kids and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial household and been fortunate to have worked with entrepreneurs and become an entrepreneur, I realize that, given the right influences, kids can become entrepreneurs. We created our jobs for kids program to provide a real entrepreneurial business startup experience for kids of all ages. Please also appreciate that basic business skills are critical for a successful entrepreneur - having a business idea is not enough to make it succeed.


There are many studies that suggest that the environment you grow up in effects who you become. We would like to create an environment within our website and within this program that encourages and nurtures entrepreneurship. As in all of our programs, kids are given opportunities for valuable experiences to hopefully shape their futures. We also give you lots of tools and encouragement, which are important parts for a good learning environment.


We have created this program with a number of steps for you to take. The approach is based on actual entrepreneurial cases (examples) to help kids see and participate in an entrepreneurial experience. We have chosen the case of TeachingKidsBusiness.com as an example that kids will relate well to.


Please remember that you will make mistakes along the way, but don't let possible mistakes or failure stop you from trying. It is a business fact that failure is only failure if you don't learn from it. We have created opportunities for you, in which the risks are very minimal, to help you build your confidence through a gradual approach. Build on your successes and learn from your failures!


I hope you have a great experience and that you do well in whatever you choose in your future. Just remember - you get out what you put into things. If you work hard at something and therefore put a lot into it, you will get a lot out of it - rewards, experience and satisfaction. This approach really applies to business. Enjoy the program, invest some time in yourself and see what great things you can do!


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Good luck,

Jeff M. Brown

Social Entrepreneur and founder of TeachingKidsBusiness.com