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This section has been written on request by a number of people from youth service groups who appreciate the necessity  to understand who is responsible for this website.

I appreciate these concerns and ironically, they are some of the concerns which have motivated me to develop TeachingKidsBusiness.com.  

I am an entrepreneur, businessperson, Internet publisher, author, parent and someone who cares about the futures of kids.

My personal experiences have influenced the development of a very original and effective approach to teaching kids business. Through the social venture of www.teachingkidsbusiness.com, my mission is to help prepare kids for business and a successful future.

TeachingKidsBusiness.com’s website has reached hundreds of thousands of kids worldwide and is contributing to a growing awareness of the potential and needs of kids in the area of preparing for futures in business.

I'm a professional with a broad base of industry experience; automotive, packaged goods, movie exhibition, consumer electronics distribution, building design and entrepreneurial experience. My passion for business education stems from being an involved father and someone with a vision that business is an important element in the education of kids.

The idea of TeachingKidsBusiness.com started in 1998, as I was heavily involved in my children's school.  The first year that our children attended  school, I  sent a proposal regarding business partnerships to the new school principal.  My concept was to involve business people in enriching the curriculum and making education more relevant to business. I was very fortunate that the proposal was well received. We had a principal that was very energetic and interested in pursuing business and community partnerships to enhance the curriculum.  

The partnerships successfully evolved and became a model for the school board.  The energy and orchestration  came from the principal, while I  provided  ideas, vision and encouragement.  As I worked through these and other initiatives in the education system,  I realized that  there was a huge  opportunity to enhance education for  kids through partnerships - most imporantly through acess to business skills and experiences. 

My experience with business partnerships within the education system was a natural building block for the evolution of TeachingKidsBusiness.com.  Although our school's business partnership initiatives were successful by most peoples standards, I saw greater opportunities.  The partnerships  were time consuming,  often reached one class at a time, they had logistical issues,  were limited by available resources and the location of businesses and schools.  

In addition, it  was apparent to me that school education systems in  general,  were limited in bridging the subject of business skills development,  entrepreneurship  and career preparation with the current teaching techniques and curriculum.  I recognized this issue from my own education, research and through the many conversations I have had on the subject of education.

 I also realized that one parent would have little effect  on the education system.  Therefore, I  developed TeachingKidsBusiness.com.  Many people, like myself, can use this as an opportunity to contribute to education in an effective way and reach many kids.

 The programming has been developed outside of the education system, but for use by kids in or out of the education system.  I have had inspiration from the education system and will now thrive to provide a very effective and impactful business partnership for many users, including educators.

I recently described this initiative to my school principal friend as the "ultimate business partnership".  The website draws from a number of resources (business and community partnerships) and it can impact so many kids around the world.  It is time efficient , cost effective and it truly enhances the education of children.  It is true to it's cause and as any good partnership it does not have unrelated commercialization implications. It is a social venture.

I combined my passion as an involved father with a recognized need for business- related education & preparation for kids' careers, an entrepreneurial spirit, parent teacher experience, research and business acumen to develop TeachingKidsBusiness.com. In addition, my dissatisfaction with the quality of TV programming, kid's Internet sites, video games, kid's books etc., motivated me to do something about it.  I also acknowledged the trend that kids were spending an increasing amount of time on the internet.  As a parent, I was concerned to a point to get involved and do something about it.

The underlying philosophy that has been adopted  throughout the website is,  given the chance, tools & positive experiences; kids will amaze us with what they are capable of accomplishing.  Kids are ready to learn business if we approach it in a creative way that engages and inspires them through  exploration, relevant and meaningful educational activities ,nurturing, positive and lasting experiences.  

The website has been developed to encourage adult involvement. As adults take an interest in kid's internet activities we will move towards greater Internet safety.  Kid's will also benefit as adults take a greater interest in their education and look to find "quality time" activities with children.

The goal is to expose kids to business & life skills and career choices at an early  age (8 and up), assist them in developing their skills and talents, help them discover new opportunities and offer them a supportive place to reflect back to as they are searching for their career passion.   I believe if kids are taught to generate ideas and understand that there are many opportunities out their awaiting  them; that they will  have a much greater chance of succeeding in their lives and careers.

I am very passionate and motivated to develop this initiative further.  The responses of encouragement and gratitude from around the world continue to inspire me to advance the attitudes and programming for  teaching kids business.  Please support this initiative by giving your time and commitment to your child and many other kids. Thank you for giving me the opportunity  to provide this community service.




Jeff M. Brown

President & CEO


Background Information


University Graduate -Bachelor of Arts, York University, Canada, 1982

Professional Accountant - Certified Management Account (CMA) of Ontario , Canada 1990 (currently in good standing)

Work Experience

Worked in progressive financial and accounting positions within Automotive Industry, Packaged Goods, Movie Exhibition, Publishing, Consumer Electronics Distribution, Building Industry, New Venture Consulting, Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur with I.P.O. experience. Has worked with successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses.

At an early age, I delivered newspapers, shoveled drive-ways, mowed lawns and worked in my parent's motel business.  I continued to work through my high school and university days to  fund my education.

Community Involvement

Junior Golf Team Coordinator, Blue Mountain Golf & C.C.

Block Parent - Unionville

Parent Advisor, William Berczy Public School - Unionville

Coach - Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club

Hockey Team Director, Collingwood Shipbuilders Junior A Hockey

Golf Course, Director, Blue Mountain Golf & C.C.


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