How To Get Started In Our Site

This section helps our users get started with our programs. Please take a few moments to read our introductions before jumping into our hundreds of pages of programming. 

The top of each page has the major areas of our site;

Resource Center - provides skills to help kids prepare for business,

Experiences or our Business Encounters provides opportunities to gain business experience.

Background Info - this give you lots of information on who we are and what we are trying to do in our sites.

How To Get Involved - this area invites people to help us further develop and deliver our programming.

We have created our site to allow users to move easily from one topic to another. As you move to a topic you will find additional options on the left side of the page.

We have not developed our site with a step 1-2-3 approach in mind, but rather with an approach of allowing users to explore areas of interest.


  1. Kids, please read our kids introduction section. Sorry we write in  full sentences. It will take you a few minutes, but it will give you a good idea of what we are trying to do  with our site and how you can start learning about business. This will help you to realize our programming is not about trying to entertain you in a quick and flashy way, but provide you with something that respects your abilities and helps you develop other interests which may lead to a job and career. [Kid's Intro

  2. The main activities of our site can be linked from two sections.  Our resource center helps you develop skills to use for jobs while our business encounters helps you gain experience.  

  3. Explore areas of the site that interest you. There are no tests, the programming is free and  there is no pressure to be anything other then yourself. Please have some fun and talk to people about business and opportunities that interest you.

  4. Start you resume and see it develop as you learn about and prepare for business.

  5. If you just want to play some games - check out our game page.


[Parent Intro]   Sorry if we lecture you in this area, but we feel it is important to advise parents  with ideas on how to approach business with kids.  Our goal is to engage you and your kids in our programming in a positive and lasting way. 

[Info Center Lots of background information about our site.

[How To Get Kids Interested In Business]

[Privacy Policy] It is important to understand that we are not collecting information on kids.

[Parental Consent Form] If your child is under 13 years of age, we are required by law to have a parents consent for a child to contact us by e-mail. Please review our programming with your child and set appropriate rules for internet use.

[The Gift Of Business For Kids] has gift ideas to help launch your child into business.




[Teacher Resources] We have created a page for teachers with links to many programs throughout our site. Teachers have been helpful in providing us with input and requests for programming. We welcome your comments and requests.


[Media Center] We welcome media to investigate the subject of teaching kids business at an early age.

Youth Service Groups

Youth service groups are welcome to use our programming. We are willing to customize programs for your specific needs.

Community Minded People

[Community Involvement] We welcome you to get involved in teaching kids business. We have identified many ideas to engage people to help prepare kids for a future in business.

People Interested In Helping Kids - Prepare and Start In Business

Our The Gift Of Business For Kids program provides ideas on how to

Our store has a selection of products to help introduce kids to business

Our Site Map is an excellent summary of our programming.