Angel Investment in Kids Program™



This is a business opportunity of teaching kids business through starting kids in businesses which sell products to teach kids business.

This is an opportunity to give back to your community through a social venture initiative with financial and social returns. The investment is your time and networking the job program to help local kids get started in business. The financial investment is at your discretion.

The financial return is paid in royalties of the sale of e-books. No cash flow requirements necessary to third parties as the product is available with an online retailer

You partner with your community to engage others to help teach kids business as a social business venture.

The market potential is based on the targeting of kids, parents, teachers, youth groups,community fund-raisers and the gift of business for kids™ opportunities.

The issue we are addressing is that kids are not taught business at an early age.

This creates a very rewarding entrepreneurial opportunity for angel investors and kids.

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This business opportunity creates jobs, business opportunities and entrepreneurial development opportunities for kids. The job component is a commission sales agent selling e-books which engage kids in business and teach kids business. Kids create their own e-book selling business and operate as a small business and in an entrepreneurial way.

The role of the Angel investor is to network the program in your community. The royalty is 30% which is split with kids and the Angel. The basis of the business model is that provides a discount code of 30% for order fulfillment through Kids sell the e-book, buy the e-books at a 30% discount and distribute the e-book via a gift order e-mail through Smashwords.


This is a unique investment for Angel investors;


- financial returns of royalties with no financial investment

- impact on local business market you operate in. The go to market product develops kids with business skills, experience and future investment money (education and business investments).

- effect of seeding future business leaders and entrepreneurs - providing kids with jobs and experience

- networking opportunity with community groups in combination with business leaders to have a socially responsible impact on your community

- profit could be channelled to future social ventures

- interesting opportunity for Angel associations to raise funds




The initial offering to start this Angel program is a zero financial investment paid to There will be no territorial fee (no exclusivity) at the initial stages. This is purely a royalty return for networking the opportunity.




As a business person you know the importance of learning about business, the need for this business education and the fact that kids are not taught business in school. The goal is to expose every child to a business book and provide every parent with a book to help them teach their children business and help their children reach independence.

The market potential is based on the targeting of kids, parents, teachers, youth groups,community fund-raisers and the gift of business for kids™ opportunities. Program details are available at


Due Diligence


The principle behind the offering is Jeff M. Brown author and founder of

LinkedIn Profile (details of the program offering for kids) Gift Program details



Initial e-book products are;

(Available formats: epubmobipdfrtflrfpdbtxt)


The Kids' Guide to Business

Teaching Kids Business: Why, What,When,Where, How & Impact

Strategies for Parenting; The Road to Independence


Next Steps


This is a very simple business model and go-to-market strategy. The Angel Investor connects with Jeff M. Brown of through LinkedIn or via email to contact[@] On an exchange of credentials and a clear understanding of the program; a unique discount code is provided via e-mail. The training for the kids is provided through this website and can be enhanced in association with Angels. Angel investors start networking the opportunity and developing the jobs and small businesses in their community.

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contact [@] for more information.