Business Agent

A business agent by definition handles business affairs for another. We would like to redefine this for our Jobs for Kids Program™. We are creating opportunities for small business operators to act as agents to help your customer’s kids get jobs. We have created our jobs for kids program to create opportunities for kids to gain work experience, develop skills, develop a resume and earn money.


Business “Agents” can operate in local markets through your existing businesses. Agents can introduce customers to this program, mentor, post this program on your company website, and volunteer to conduct business training programs as a community outreach program. Agents can partner with kids to build this program and share in the revenues.


This opportunity helps businesses connect with existing and future customers in innovative ways. This program can help drive traffic to your business, broaden the relationship with your customers and do good in your community. explains the job opportunities for kids..


The Business Agent can operate as a facilitator (notify customers and help them get started) or take on the job of managing the program in your market (hire customer's kids and split commissions).


If every small business creates one job in our program for a customer's kids, we will do amazing things for our communities.


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