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Our Jobs for Kids Program Crowdfunding Campaign is a great way to help us reach our goal of creating 100,000 jobs for kids and developing the social cause of "teaching kids business". #socialcause #teachingkidsbusiness #jobsforkids


We have innovated with the concept of a job to help start kids in their own small businesses (truly small business start-ups) and to help to develop entrepreneurial skills and experiences. Creating jobs in new ways with a lasting impact - starting businesses which will create jobs.


Our jobs for kids can be created in any community from our online job application process and training program. With the help of a crowd of people to create awareness of this opportunity and help kids get started with jobs; we can do great things for kids!

@teachkidsbiz #jobsforkids #crowdfunding


Yes, we need a video and we are working on it beyond the videos we have available- we welcome your YouTube comments and video clips to support a video production- be creative and get involved.


Introductory videos:







Share your comments with a video link on our Jobs for Kids Video

Facebook campaign is coming soon.


Our jobs program is very unique as it is targeted at kids with jobs for kids - we realize how difficult it is for kids to get jobs.


We plan to build a foundation of skills in kids and create experience opportunities which will lead to success with other jobs.



An added benefit of our jobs programs is that we provide e-book products to help other kids learn about business - kids helping kids! We hope to add other appropriate products as this program develops - we are looking for strategic partners.


Jobs are the root to good things in our communities and the lack of jobs can lead to many social problems.


Getting a job is a milestone in life and has a positive influence on the confidence and success of kids. Let's start this at an early age.


What if every kid had a job - better understood responsibility - gained confidence - developed skills for business - discovered the many talents they have. We would spark an economic boom from our youngest generation - a positive revolution we would all benefit from. We would create the most impact full grassroots program we can imagine! We would all benefit from the business success of kids.


We have turned to crowdfunding to help kids understand this very powerful tool for business and to engage a crowd of people to help provide kids jobs (crowdsourcing in a new way). Crowdfunding is growing and will be a very powerful business tool in the future - kids should grow up with crowdfunding and develop with it.


Kids will benefit in a number of ways and can be part of this crowdfunding campaign as they watch this campaign and our jobs for kids program develop.


We would like to innovate with crowdfunding. We would like to engage people beyond asking for funding. We are trying to get you involved in helping kids get started with jobs and to create opportunities for kids - within our program and in your daily lives.


Please use social media to spread the word! Help us develop a crowd and reach the crowd.

@teachkidsbiz #jobsforkids #crowdfunding

#JobsForKids, #startups, #crowdfunding

@TeachKidsBiz. ( (


Our crowdfunding will help thousands of kids fund their projects from the success of the jobs and kids businesses we create.


Through the success of our crowdfunding, kids will be given an opportunity to raise money to save for their education, save for a special trip, support a cause and many more crowdfunding type initiatives. Our campaign success will act as a crowdfunding campaign for many kids.


Consider purchasing a product from a kid in our program - tell kids about this opportunity.

Consider ways to give kids jobs - paid and non paying jobs.


Let's talk business with kids. (video to help start the conversation)


About was founded in 2000 by social entrepreneur Jeff M Brown who funds the programming. As a social venture we are focussed on teaching kids business with the use of a unique business model of doing good with a profit model.

Background information links.



Use of Crowdfunding Money Raised:


We would like to;


Further develop, administer and promote this program.


Enhance the website to process the job applications online and further develop the training program with videos.


Hire staff to administer and support the program.


Develop strategic partnerships to increase the product offering for kids to sell.


Develop other business experience opportunities for kids.


Develop school based curriculum through our affiliated


Engage media and social media to create awareness for the program.


Further develop programming on


Perks: (things to get people to participate in the crowdfunding campaign)


$7.00 contribution - Help create a job for a kid (proceeds used to develop jobs)


We are offering our e-book Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact for a contribution of $7.00.


(Provided in a format of your choice - Apple, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, e-reading app, Kindle, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc)


This purchase comes as a gift certificate via e-mail which you can give as a gift or enjoy it yourself - consider the Gift of Business for Kids.


By reading this book and adapting the strategies - you will impact kids who will impact other kids...


Promotional price: $7.00
Coupon Code: ST45T
Expires: December 31, 2014


Steps to take:


1. Go to

2. Buy our e-book

3. Enter coupon code ST45T

4. Checkout

5. Make your purchase of $7.00

6. Enjoy your reading - great investment of several hours - ROI

7. Try the strategies for teaching kids business!


Thank you for your interest and support! Proceeds are being used to further develop this program.


More to come. Pleas check back at