Education Saving Program


This job program is an opportunity to help kids contribute to savings for furthering education.


It is important to save money for education. This can be for furthering eduction beyond high-school or for education programs at any age. Education requires an investment of time and money and needs to be a priority to make it happen and to succeed.


If parents are funding education, then they need to set aside money from the money they earn and from the budget to mange a family. If kids need to fully fund or contribute to the funding for their education, then part time jobs are often the solution. The interesting challenge is finding the time to work while spending the necessary time to succeed in school and have a life beyond work and school.


Our Jobs for Kids Program™ is an option to try and fund your savings for education. This program was developed with kids in mind and with goals of finding ways to learn about business and to make money. An interesting outcome of our jobs program is to help kids discover aspects of business that interest them, which could lead to a more focused and relevant education.


There are a number of important lessons to discuss when considering furthering education;


Education comes in many forms and you can learn outside of schools. Do not rely solely on school to prepare yourself for business.


Furthering education in college or university is very expensive and requires the saving of money.


School can be considered a non-paying job which prepares kids for paying jobs after school years. If kids learn to succeed in school (interact with others, take responsibility for getting their school work done, develop skills, learn to learn) the things kids learn in school will help prepare for success in business.


If kids work hard in school and work to contribute to the cost of their education; there will be a better chance of success.