Entrepreneurial Skills Opportunity

A goal of our jobs program is to engage kids in the entrepreneurial journey. We would like kids to develop this job opportunity as a small business opportunity and consider it as a way to develop entrepreneurial skills and experience.


We have developed an entrepreneurship program to held kids and parents understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. An excellent way to learn about entrepreneurship is to try it. Start a business, take some risk, make and investment of time and money and see what you can do - develop as an entrepreneur.


Our "jobs for kids" business opportunity is very unique. We are not asking for any fees to start the business (no investment of money), no inventory purchases and no financial reporting to us. We get kids stared in a commission sale role which is very much their own business. We are offering the product and the distribution systems while kids will do the marketing, sales, money collection, product delivery and customer service. All of these responsibilities are important aspects for business success and will develop a good foundation of skills for an entrepreneur.


As you learn from this business opportunity, consider other businesses. Think and plan as a way of getting started. Save some money earned from this opportunity to invest in other business opportunities!