How to Apply

- Filling out the job application


This is an experience we want kids to go through even if you do not submit the application. We do not reject applicants. We provide all of the information about our program on this website for kids to experience.


Contact us via e-mail to apply for the job.

Please provide the following information; 


Subject of the e-mail should be " Jobs For Kids" - (Job Title)


Your Name, 


Your Age,






e-mail address,


The job you are applying for.


1. How did you find out about this job?


2. How much time have you spent reviewing and this program?


3. What are the reasons you are interested in this job?


4. Are you interested in being an entrepreneur and why?


5. What does it take to succeed in a small business?


6. Why would you be a good candidate for this job?


7. What is your plan to succeed in this job? (please read all the sections of this program to prepare for your job)


8. A short résumé with the skills and experience you currently have and the skills and experience you are hoping to gain from this job. (no attachments)


(If you are under 13 years of age, we require an e-mail from a parent/guardian providing approval for you to take a job and to provide us with your contact information. Please have an adult contact us with approval before you contact us - include an adult contact name & e-mail). 


Contact us with the above information. contact @


Please check your spelling and grammar on your job application e-mail.


Once you have received confirmation from us, confirming that you have the job, your responsibilities and pay; you can get started.