Networking for Business


Networking is an important skill to learn to help you get jobs and succeed in business. It will help you attract people who can help you develop your business (staff, advisors, investors, suppliers) and networking can help you find customers.(provide referrals, ideas and connect you with customers)


Think about how you found out about our job program. Someone may have told you about it and referred you to our site. We are reaching out to many people to get people talking about our program. It is our goal to network with businesses and working people to help create awareness for this program. As a social venture we are interested in partnerships to grow our program. We want to network through social media contacts, media attention, and word of mouth from people who explore or experience our Jobs for Kids Program.


Beyond your job in our job program you will discover that many jobs are obtained by knowing people.


Examples of networking to develop your network to succeed in our job program:


If you would like to sell to a school for a fund-raiser; you will need to find out who you should talk to. You may need to connect with the head of the school and/or the head of the parent association. You will have to ask people who you should talk to and how best to approach them. You will want to talk with someone who has done this before and can advise you.


You will want to partner with a local business, to find ways for them to work with you to sell your product and provide a service for their customers. You will need to talk with businesses. Start with the businesses you know - were you get your haircut, pizza, groceries, clothing, car dealer etc. The businesses that you do business with may work with you or referral you to other businesses they know in the area. As you talk to one person they may give the name or contact information for another person.


Develop media contacts. Connect with the local media and tell them what you are doing. Try and get them interested in your business.


Develop a network through LinkedIn. This is a site where over 250 million manage their network and professional identity. LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. It is a good idea to develop a profile and refer people to it. This will show you are organized and professional. This profile can also be used when you are applying for a job.