Parent Role


The role of a parent is critical in our job program. We would like to partner with you to help create a positive experience for your children.


We have developed this program to provide learning opportunities for kids. The fact that you are considering this job program is an experience you can share with your children. You can discuss the need for people to work (pay and non-pay), responsibility, value of money and many other lessons related to work and money.


You can appreciate the many issues we face and our concerns over liability. We can not assume responsibility for kids participating in this program. We are not hiring kids as employees around the world. We have created a business opportunity which you need to assess. We have structured this opportunity in a way to ensure we are not selling anything to you or your child. There is no pressure of failure and no sales quotas. We are not asking for any fees or hidden costs. It is up to you and your children to get as much as you want from this opportunity.


We want to be clear on what we can and can not provide. If you cannot act as the manager of this role and ensure your child is safe, then your child should not take on this job.


We have posted the materials to allow kids to think through this job without having to do it. There is a lot to be learned from thinking about and discussing this job and business opportunity. We encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your children and help them understand the reasons for taking the job and the reasons for not taking the job. Hopefully you will identify opportunities that will satisfy all of your concerns.


We have also developed this program to help provide business experience for kids. This can be considered a job, but it can also be looked at as an opportunity to create a business. The development of skills and experiences is much greater in developing a business. Our entrepreneurship program will help you consider the positive influences of an entrepreneurial opportunity.


Please review the "managing money" section of this program. We have created an opportunity for you to help your children get a job experience and learn important skills for business. The money section will teach them how to finance a business. Your help will be needed to get them started. A simple way is to finance their initial sales. A Visa or MasterCard gift card will allow them to complete the selling process. They will need to fill their orders by paying for the product online with the use of a PayPal account or Visa or MasterCard gift card.


This program also presents the opportunity to discuss jobs and the process to prepare for and succeed in work. We have also developed discussion topics such as children's rights and identified some organizations who are leading this initiative.


We are just offering an opportunity, which requires help from you to ensure there is appropriate oversight and to ensure your children are safe at work. Please ensure you review your safety procedures with the child performing this job.


As a parent, you are the manager of your child. In this job situation you must assume the management role to encourage and nurture your children in their job role and most importantly to ensure their safety.