Job Referral Program


A great way to help a child get a job is to refer them to a job that you feel may be a good fit for them. It is good for parents, family or friends to invest some time in reviewing our program to make sure it is a good fit. At the appropriate time consider referring a child to our job program.

A referral can also mean that a person will contact the company offering a job and recommend a person for the job.
 Some companies will reward people for a referral that results in the hiring of the person referred. At this point in time we can not reward you for your referral, but we feel confident you will be rewarded by the experience kids will have in this program.


We encourage people to examine our program and work with your children or community and help kids succeed with this program. Please take some time and help a child to gain experience, build confidence and earn money. This is a great use of your time and a gift to help kids get started in their working lives, help engage them in a positive influence, and help them discover what interests them in business.


This is an interesting opportunity for;


Human Resource professionals as an outreach initiative or employee benefit offering.


Family and friends to help a child learn about business and to save for future purchases.


A gift of business for kids by giving your time to mentor a child. Discuss business and their future in business.