Selling Proposition

This information has been developed to help kids present themselves through this job program and for use to sell products. A selling proposition is the unique selling point to differentiate this product. This product is very unique in that it is sold by kids to help kids develop business experience and the e-book products helps teach kids business. The fact that a kid is selling the product helps differentiate the product. Business is not taught in school so kids are taking the initiative through this job program to learn about business.


The following are ideas for you to consider when sharing information with potential customers. They can also be referred to this link to help them understand this program that their purchase will support beyond helping the seller make money. Their purchase will not only support your business, but proceeds earned by are used to provide this program and website to help teach kids business.


Consider the following selling propositions:


I am x years old and I am running a small business through the Jobs-for-Kids Program™.


I have started this business to learn about business, develop skills and experience to prepare me for my future in business. I am learning to operate a business and become a successful entrepreneur.


I hope to develop skills to;

-apply for a job and preparing a résumé/CV

- present myself

- market products

- sell products

- organize my time

- customer service

- order fulfillment

- collecting money from customers

- managing money

- paying for the purchase of the products I am selling

- earning money - saving for my future

- managing job responsibilities

- understand business and managing my own small business

- learn about entrepreneurship


This job program will help me prepare for success in business.


I am offering three e-books through this program: The suggested retail price is $9.99 for each e-book. I have the opportunity to sell for more or less. The e-books are delivered by email and you have the choice of downloading them in a number of formats ( Apple, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, e-reading app, Kindle, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc) You can also send this e-book as a gift to someone of your choice.


The Kids’ Guide to Business - Edition 2

This book teaches kids business through the business case and business model of the lemonade stand business. Explores simple and advanced business principles. This book is written for kids of all ages.


Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How, & Impact

Simple and effective strategies and activities that develop the life skills and experiences to prepare kids of all ages for business. This a great parent resource and good activities for families to explore business.


Strategies for Parenting: The Road to Independence - Edition 2

A parenting e-book to help develop independent children through unique strategies to develop skills in kids. Simple and effective strategies develop by a family.


These e-books can be viewed online, to determine your interest level if you are not prepared to purchase now. I would appreciate the opportunity to make the sale and make arrangements to do so at a future time. is a social venture committed to the social cause of "teaching kids business". The website is full of programming to help teach kids business. The site is funded by the sale of products such as e-book. .


A key goal of the Jobs-for-Kids Program™ is to provide business experience for kids. An added feature is that the products kids are selling also help teach kids about business. Jobs have been created for kids to sell products to benefit kids; products which provide business education and preparation for kids.


My earnings


I am paid a sales commission of $3.00 per e-book which I sell through my business.


I collect money for the sale of the e-book from you as my customer and then send the e-book via email from the online book store of as a gift purchase with a download link)

I buy the ebook online with the use of a "coupon code" from

The difference between my selling price to my customers and my purchase price discount from is my profit.

Based on the suggested retail price of $9.99, my profit is a commission on the difference between my selling price and the $6.99 I buy it for.


Thank you for your time and interest in my business.