Our Jobs For Kids Program™ provides kids with the opportunity to gain work experience, develop skills, earn money, develop a résumé/CV, engage in business, develop a small business, entrepreneurial experience and discover their talents and interests.


We start with createing job opportunities for kids with online training and evolve the experience and skills development into a business start-up and entrepreneurial opportunity.


This program helps teach kids business by engaging others to discuss and do business with kids. kids are capable - they just need opportunities.


This unique program also involves products that help teach kids business. This creates a business in which kids go into business to help other kids learn about business - kids helping kids!


Our goal is create 100,000 jobs for kids.


Please help us develop this program with social media discussion @TeachKidsBiz, #JobsForKids, LinkedIn discussion group and our crowdfunding campaign.




We know how difficult it is for kids to get jobs and gain valuable work experience. Our jobs are for kids who are interested in assuming responsibility, gaining work experience, building a résumé and earning some money. Beyond a job this program introduces kids to business and teaches kids about business. Success can first be measured by obtainining a job and learning.


Beyond earning money, there are also important "teaching moments" from our job program. We want kids to learn entrepreneurial skills and business basics. We want kids to be aware of "children's rights" and to learn about "social causes" as a good foundation to build our communities. Kids should learn to save the money they earn, consider helping others and to plan for their future needs such as saving for education and starting a business.


Our Jobs for Kids Program™ takes advantage of changing technologies to allow us to provide real paying jobs and business opportunities for kids.


The initial job we have created evolves into a full business for kids to provide experience in marketing, sales, money management, product delivery and customer service.


Please take the time to read through all of the details about this program on this web page and the other pages linked to this program. It takes time and a commitment to find a job, prepare for a job and to perform a job with good performance and success.


Our TeachingKidsBusiness.com Jobs for Kids crowdfunding Campaign is developing - please consider supporting us.


Simple steps to find and apply for a job and get started:


1) Understand our job program and make sure you are comfortable working with TeachingKidsBusiness.com and what this company is about.


2) Go to the job-postings to experience the process of understanding what jobs are available. (Pick a job to apply for)


3) Go to How To Apply For A Job and fill out a job application.


Please develop a résumé before applying for a job.


Please make sure you complete all of the questions for your job application and e-mail it to us.


If you are under 13 years of age (resident of USA), have a parent approve your contact with us and your participation in our program.

We will not respond to incomplete applications - please check your spelling and write using full sentences (apply via e-mail for a specific job)


4) On receiving a complete application; we will e-mail you the instructions to get started in your job!


5) Go through our online training program to prepare for your job.


This program is about gaining experience, but we realize that money is also very important. Our program creates jobs for kids and our sales jobs pay commissions of $U.S. & $CDN or in the currency of the Country you sell our products.


Please keep in your mind that this is not just about the money; it is about gaining experience, developing skills and discovering your talents and interests.


Please note that it is the law that kids under 13 years of age require adult approval to contact us via e-mail. We encourage you to review this program with a parent to make sure it is right for you. We want your parents to be comfortable with our program.


We have created our Jobs-for- kids program™ to:


• create jobs for kids - real paying opportunities

• provide kids with experience in obtaining a job

• help kids develop a résumé

• teach responsibility from a job

• provide valuable experiences

• help kids develop job related skills

• help kids learn about business basics

• help kids develop entrepreneurial skills