Just for Clicks BusinessGame™


The game  you are about to start allows you to take a number of business steps in setting up your own product and business and then testing it on people.

Some product ideas are explained below, but not to worry, it can be as simple as a little advice you may want to give to other kids or just tell them about something you like to do. Your idea, whatever it is, becomes a "digital product" of information that other kids will be interested in reading about.  Use your imagination and think of something really great.  This is your chance to create something of your own. You never know were this will lead you in business!



  • You should  print off the game sheet  and use the supporting information below and the "tips" that are linked to each section of the game, to work through the game.  
  • Once you have your product and advertisement ready, try it out on you friends and family. See if you have a winning product or advertisement!

You are about to read or have access to a lot of information. Use what you need to use but don't get lost in too much information.  It is only a game. You can play it in several hours or take weeks of research, planning, product testing , focus groups and development.  We have developed the game  to provide you with the opportunity to gain as much business experience that you are interested in.

Here are the steps you need to take, in order to develop your, KODIP, "kid's online digital information product" and set-up your business in the Just For Clicks Business Game
Create your "Business Game Name"

You can come up with a name for your business very easily, but the key is to relate it to the type of business you choose. The "Business Game Name Tips" will help you think about choices for a name.

Your own name is optional, but not recommended.  Discuss this with your parents or advisors, as they may be more comfortable with you creating a "make believe", or "kids business game name".  If you proceed on to place your product in our "kid's marketplace" then your choice of names can protect your real name,  by keeping people from trying to contact you directly.  

 The name you choose will benefit you as people talk about your product and suggest other people to try it.  This leads to a reputation which will be helpful to you. A well chosen name will  make it easier for you to introduce other products in the future.  If you want to really plan for the future, you may want to investigate registering your business game name with the appropriate government department. 

Check out "Business Game Name Tips".

Develop a Digital Product (Product Description)

Your product is "information only"  or a  "digital file".  By "information only", we mean your product is made up of words only, which can be viewed or e-mailed.  This means, you don't have to invent a product that needs to be manufactured and shipped. (We may do this later.)

You will discover many ideas for your product,  from reviewing items you currently use, reading information in a book or magazine, considering interests or hobbies you may have, brainstorming (thinking of ideas) with other kids and anything else you can think of.  Create something that interests you, something that you would like to learn more about or it can be as simple as a little advice you may want to give to other kids or just tell them about something you like to do.

Some examples of possible products are; your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, something you imagine, crafts, book reviews, stories told by your grandparents, ways to increase your allowance, opinions on things that are important to you, cool things to do, a speech you wrote, experiments, advice, recommendations on music, jokes, school projects, a trip or what ever interests you etc.  You will probably see many product ideas that already exist, that you could plan to improve and market.

Select a product that you have an interest and expertise in or one that you just want to explore.  Don't be afraid to experiment and explore a number of  opportunities.

You  can also try and determine the need for new products that you feel there is a market for or that kids would be interested in reading about.

Write out your product idea and try to keep it under 1,000 words.   

Check out "Product Development Tips".


Give your Product a Name or Brand

What is important in a product name?  What sells?  What will attract people's attention? What would interest other kids? Parents and friends will enjoy having this conversation with you.  Be creative and have fun!  Check out "Product Name and Branding Tips".

Determine the Category, in Which Your Product Belongs (Sports, music etc.)

Examples are food, music, sports, travel, education, etc.  This will be helpful for kids searching for types of things they enjoy themselves.  If you had to key in only one or two words to find your product, what would they be?

Decide on the Age of the kids that would be Interested in Your Product

This is very important! It will help the people looking for products in our Marketplace, find things that are suited to their interests and age group.

Decide if this Product will be Best for a Boy, Girl, or Both

Advertise the Product

Come up with a printed commercial that would help to market your product.  You have probably seen a few commercials on TV or ads printed in magazines or signs, that will help you with some ideas.  You can have lots of fun, thinking of ways to describe your product, so that it "rocks" with kids.  In addition to your advertisement, you should be thinking of many other ways to promote your product and "Business Game Name".   Check out "Print Advertising Tips".

Decide on the Price

For the "Just for Clicks Business Game" version, the selling price of your  product at this stage,  will be $0.00. You can go through the thinking process of "what could I sell this for". We will  develop a game version that will allow you to sell your product.

Total Word Count

Count the total number of words describing your product.  This could be important information for your customers. They would like to know how much information they are getting.