Just for Clicks BusinessGame™

We have called our game,  Just For Clicks Business Game
because you click around on your computer to play around with business.  The fun and challenge happens throughout your product and advertisement creation and as you see if your friends and family would buy your product. If you create a great advertisement that people like or a product that people would buy; you win in our business game! 

The Just for Clicks Business Game is about  developing a product that kids would read.  We call it a "kid's online  digital information product or a " KODIP.  Your KODIP  will tell other kids about something you know about, are good at, enjoy to do yourself or something you think  kids will like.  Once you have created your KODIP , you need to come up with a product name, a written advertisement  and a  name for your business - just like setting up a real business. Now you have the challenge of testing your product on friends, family and potential customers. Have fun and good luck.  (Examples of KODIPs)

This game is a simple as;

  1. Give your business a name,

  2. Create an information product,

  3. Name your product,

  4. Develop an advertisement for your product,

  5. Play with other people by testing your product on others - see what they think. Others will tell you if  you have a winning product,

Just For Clicks Business Game", gives kids a "taste" of business experience by actually going through a business set-up.

We have provided you with a number of online tools or business tips  to give you steps  to take to create your business:

Let's Get Started! 

Walk through the steps in the Game.

Online form to set-up your business .You can print it off,  do it offline when you want and where you want to.  [Offline Form]

Tips on naming your business.

Tips on how to come up with a "kid's online digital information product- KODIP." Check out some product examples.
[Create Your Own Product- Worksheet]

Tips on how to name your product

Create your own advertisement for your product

Work with us to promote the website, your product and your Marketplace.

Check out some sample 
businesses and products in our marketplace. 

Prepare your own business cards, to promote your business.


The Just for Clicks Business Game has been developed to provide you with a game like experience in the  adventures of business.  If you take the time and work through the whole game you will have developed your own "kid's online digital information product" ( KODIP) and business opportunity .

The Just for Clicks Business Game is very different  from the ones you are use to playing.  We haven't developed any action characters or any special effects but we do offer you a chance to play something that will challenge you in new ways.  You may even find that  friends and family  will find a little extra time to help you out and discuss things you haven't discussed before.  Dinner time could transform into a "business meeting" and a family car ride could become a "business trip". Even your friends will be impressed with your status as a young businessperson or Business Kid. You may want to set-up a business club to help you get started.

The "Just for Kicks Business Game" has been created to provide you with some good experience in setting up a business.  This should be a very exciting moment for you, if you've never started your own business.  If you have a little business experience from running a lemonade stand, paper route, fast-food, retail or whatever, you will  still benefit from  this new experience  in developing a digital product and an Internet based business.

By walking through the game  you will  experience the rewards of developing  a business.  Your success will come in many forms, for instance, success from getting your business going with a name and product, learning about business, discovering opportunities you never dreamed were possible, improving your reading, writing, math & decision making skills and developing as a business person and  entrepreneur.

 The "Game" has been developed for kids of all ages, 8 to 18,  who will enjoy  varying levels of difficulty.  You can enjoy a few parts of it or do the whole game.  The "Game" is free and nothing is really sold.  It is "just for clicks" at your computer mouse.  There are future versions  being developed that will further your challenge and  your business experience .  

Please keep in mind that the purpose of "Just For Clicks Business Game "is to have fun creating a business, developing skills and experience. There is no cost and no business risk, so just work through the process, learn, click away  and have some fun. You can do it online or offline. 


TeachingKidsBusiness.com  has developed "Just For Clicks Business Game" to provide Kids with an opportunity to develop and apply their business skills, talents, business interests and gain business experience.  

The business experiences will vary, depending on the interest and efforts of the Kids.  They will experience the startup process; developing a product, naming their business and product, targeting a  market and creating advertising.  

The game experience will allow you to work with your kids in a meaningful and impactful activity.  

The goal is to provide kids with a  positive experience that will enhance their  education, build self-confidence, introduce/enhance business skills & experiences and provide preparation for their future career/business lives. Have some fun and create a positive and supporting environment.

You may find our parent info section helpful to you while you partner with your child in new ways.


You should find this game to be a good introduction to key elements of business.  As a game, kids are engaged in playing through each of the components. The tips pages will be helpful for you to lead the discussion and provide resource information to assist the kids in completing each stage.