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Kid's Overview

The short term for Kid's-Digital-Dollars is "KDD". (KDD saves a lot of typing). KDD is money that only exists on our computers and can only be used in  KDD is kid's money we use in our marketplace were kids operate kids' businesses.

We have created to help kids learn about business. One important part of business is money.  As we have created many new terms for kids in business we have also created our own term for money and our own money. KDD  is our money which will allow kids to  earn their own money, learn to manage their own money and for us to come up with a simple way to handle money with kids.

This money will only exist on our computer as it will not be money that we will print off and hand out.   KDD will be kept in an account which will be similar to a bank account (data base on our website). The big difference is that instead of taking the money out at a bank machine or a teller, kids will do transactions online in our

Kids can earn KDD issued by and use the KDD as we develop Kids will be able to earn KDD and use it to start a business in 

Kids can use their KDD for our "Introductory Kid's Business Start-up Package" to begin the process of launching a business in 

We are working on the design of KDD and have created a job for kids to participate in the design of KDD.

We have lots of ideas we are working on to further develop the KDD concept. 

What Is Money?


The word money comes from the Latin word moneta, which was one of the names of Juno, the Roman Goddess whose temple was used as a mint.

Money enables goods to be bought and sold without the need for barter.

Money or other forms of payment have evolved over the centuries to include a range of things such as animals and precious metals such as gold.

Basically, money allows products and services to be exchanged. If you want to buy a product such as a music CD it is payment of money that completes the transaction and  allows the ownership of the CD to be transferred to you.

Why Kid's-Digital-Dollars, KDD

We thought it would be very kid-like to have our own money or kid's money. Kid's may surprise us as they earn, save and mange kid's money in ways we never thought possible. Someday KDD may have  a recognized value like other currencies in the world beyond our kids' e-marketplace.

The concept of KDD allows us to manage  money transactions with kids.  Many banks and credit card companies will not provide kids with the ability to transfer money or use credit cards. 

KDD allows us to create a monetary system (currency) which provides money for internal use in our domain (kind of like our money in our own kid's country or business world).

We have still some issues to resolve, but this is our planned money for Kid's will be able to sell their KODIPs (kids online digital information products) for an amount of KDD.

We are creating the look of our money and would appreciate your input on design. Contact us to help us out.

How Does It Work

For those who earn KDD in our Jobs-For-Kids program;

  • We will confirm the amount of KDD you have earned,

  • We will keep track of a data base of KDD - like a bank account,

  • KDD can be used to set-up a kid's business in or to purchase kids KODIPS 

For those who earn KDD for services provided to and;

  • we will be issuing KDD for certain non-volunteer services provided to and,

  • an account will be created for KDD earned,

  • at a point in time, "Option Date", which will be set by, KDD will  be converted into equity (stock) or converted into another currency and withdrawn, donated or transferred to another person.

 For those who purchase KDD;

  • we will be issuing KDD in our Kids-As-Angel-Investors financing program.

  • we will be issuing KDD to be purchased by an adult for the use by kids in,

[Join the design team and help us design our KDD.]

We are still working on developing this concept further and resolving the many issues that we are aware of or that we can anticipate.

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