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[Music rocks. There is so much to get out of music.]

[If you like games why don't you create your own?]

[There are many different bikes for many different purpose; doing tricks, riding for comfort, rough terrain,
street riding. Find out about the different types of bikes and learn which one may be right for you. 


[If you haven't discovered reading yet, you are missing something great!]


[Sports are great in many ways.]


[Imagine something for teens that has actually been developed by teens that will help you live a better teen life.]



[Try soccer and run into new friends, have lots of fun and get into shape.]


[I can do some great things with my imagination so check it out.]



[Is your dream to be an artist. Have you tried an tried to improve your skills. Or do you just like to draw. Well here are some tips to help you better your skills.]


[Lemonade stand - a great business for kids to try!]


[Now is the time, more then ever to love America!]

[A great way to travel is through the internet.]

[If you don't follow the instructions, you can create some really cool inventions.]If you don't follow the instructions, you can create some really cool inventions.]

[You may not know me, but I know who I am and what I am capable of doing.]

[What's all the fuss about gaining experience. I think I know the answer.]


[Have you ever walked into a good, expensive store and though to yourself, hey, I can make that for myself i just need some supplies. Why pay fifty dollars on something you can make for five? If you have thought that and wanted to try it but don't know where to start, here are some tips on making a design, check to see if it is original, and making it from start to finish. There is no end to what you can do once you know how.]


[It's only possible if you think it is.]


[Job ideas to build your resume]
[Did you know that almonds are a part of the peach family? Find out Useless ..but interesting facts with Shar’s Useless Information”]


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