"Kid's Business Set-up Package - Phase 1"

Our Kid's Business Set-up Package provides the first steps for kids to take to go into business in www.kidse-marketplace.com . At this Kid's Start-up stage, kids set-up their business and become founding business partners in our marketplace.

We  have put together a package to help you start your journey into business. The introductory set-up stage of business provides you with the opportunity to  choose your Kid's Business Name, get it registered for use in www.kidse-marketplace.com, create your Business Operator Name, display your KODIP, receive a founding business member certificate, join "The Kids' Business Launch Team" and receive our business updates from "The Kids' Business Launch Guide".

Our strategy is to help kids obtain capital resources and expertise to create, launch and operate a business in our marketplace.

Kids can participate in the sales of this package through our Jobs-For-Kids Program and earn their way into business. If you are told about this package by one of our sales agents, please provide them with your e-mail address so we can pay them a commission.

Kid's Business Set-up Package Includes: (for $20.00)

Phase 1 kid's Business Start-up

We will send you e-mails for each step of the way in your business start-up.

  1. Registration of a  "Kid's Business Name" in kidse-marketplace.com to sell KODIPs ( "Kid's Online Digital Information Products"). After your purchase of the set-up package, submit your Kid's Business Name  to TeachingKidsBusiness.com for review, to ensure that it is unique and for the  registration of the name in the Kidse-marketplace.com data base. 

  2. Register your Business Operator Name to be used as the person running your business. This is intended to protect your privacy. It is your choice on using your real name.

  3. Display your KODIP in our marketplace. At this point your product will not be sold to other kids but it will be tried (viewed) by other kids. We are working on the ability to sell your product in Phase 2 commercialization.

  4. A founding business member certificate. A personalized certificate acknowledging your status as a founding business member of the kids' e-marketplace.

  5. Membership on "The Kids' Business Launch Team".  As a team member,  we will work with you on your business launch and give you opportunities to take on responsibilities in the launch of Kidse-marketplace.com .

  6. Kids receive a subscription to the  "The Kids' Business Launch Guide". This is an e-mail publication with information to help kids prepare to launch their businesses in our kids' online marketplace. Information will be sent to team members by e-mail. (like a news letter via e-mail or paid magazine subscription)  Information will include business tips on marketing a kid's business and developing a successful business. A minimum of 6 issues within 6 months. 

Order via  Mail:
To place an order by mail, please send a check or money order made payable to TeachingKidsBusiness.com for your purchase: 
(Please include item description on your payment: Kidse-marketplace.com Business Set-up Package and your e-mail so we can e-mail you information)

                16715-12 Yonge St. Suite 254
                Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3X 1X4

Order via  Online: (using www.paypal.com )

 U.S. residents $20.00 U.S.

Canadian residents $20.00 CDN


International  residents $20.00 US

Kid's Business Set-up Loans - are available of kids who do not have the money to start a business.

Details of the Kid's Business Set-up Package Phase 1:

Title: Kid's Business Set-up Package Phase 1

The package has been created  by TeachingKidsBusiness.com and Kidse-marketplace.com.

Includes Kid's Business Name registration, Business Operator Name registration, launch of a KODIP, founding business member certificate, The Kids' Business Launch Team membership and a subscription to The Kids' Business Launch Guide.

Recommend Age:  We encourage kids of all ages to try this experience. Different age groups will experience this differently. Ages 9 to 14 is preferred.

Selling price: $20.00 U.S. (introductory offer)

Within 4 days, on receipt of payment from PayPal, TeachingKidsBusiness.com will send out an e-mail with further instructions and information to proceed with the Kid's Business Name registration.

Kid's who have earned enough KDD can use their balances for this package.

Please support the development of  Kidse-Marketplace.com with your purchase.

Thank you for supporting our  initiatives. Good luck in your business!

This package creates business opportunities for kids

  • Proceeds from the sale of our set-up package  will be used to manage and further develop www.kidse-marketplace.com .  As kids purchase this package the proceeds  will help give other kids opportunities in our marketplace.

  • We have created a kid's sales agent job to provide kids opportunities and experiences in sales jobs and running their own businesses. Our Jobs-For-Kids program has a  Kidse-marketplace.com Sales Agent position for kids to sell this set-up package.  Basically, kids are telling other kids about the set-up package and being paid a commission when one of their referrals buys this package.

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