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Kids; we would like to help you contact the media to create news on  your product and business. 

 There are a number of ways to approach this and we will try and give you as many angles, "options", as possible. We have developed this proposal to give you experience and to give you responsibilities in the marketing and promotional efforts of your product, business and marketplace. You are now a Marketer.


 Please understand that this a difficult assignment that many people in business fail at each day.  The key is to believe in yourself, be creative and keep trying.


We have a "Media Proposal" page that you can link to in your contact with the media.  This page, in our site, should be a good tool to help you communicate your message.  You can send the link  to your local newspaper, online services, community bulletin boards, magazines etc. that you feel could help feature your business venture and product in


With the support of the media industry we hope to give you some ideas, scripts for a phone conversation and sample e-mails. This is developing in our [Kids Media Tips] section.


This will be a good experience for you on a number of fronts. Going through the process of contacting the media and learning how to create a newsworthy story is a great experience.  Actually giving an interview will be fun and something you will always remember - probably one of your first and hopefully not your last!


If you develop a kid's business in, this will be a very helpful section for you. Your business will benefit from coverage by the media.


You can report back to us on your experience - what worked and what didn't.  Possibly we could provide your experience on our "business case" section.  You could also qualify for a Experience Certificate from our "career experience" section.


We are also developing the idea of kids writing editorials for publications. We have written a few examples to help you. Please see "editorials" for some ideas.


Next steps are the [Kids Media Tips]. 


 Please note that you can use this information and learn from it, even if you don't actually launch at product in 

[Link for Media Proposal]  [List of Media Contacts] [Kids Media Tips]


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