Lemonade Stand Program

Lemonade Stand Contest

Celebrate Your Lemonade Stand Experience - Awards Program

We would like you to sit back after your lemonade stand business experience and reflect on what you have learned and celebrate your accomplishments.  How did you do?

To help this along we are creating some ideas that you can use and/or ideas that we will provide to you in the form of contests.

The first idea we have come up with is to award kids based on a business contest approach. It is kind of like "America's Idol" in which you show us your talent and we award a winner. Eventually we would like other kids to participate in the judging, but for now we will judge and award kids for accomplishments on a number of categories.

[An example of a contest submission]

How to Enter 


We would like the following information (as much as possible but one category is ok);

  •  pictures (photos or your drawings of your lemonade stand, we are very interested in your creativity in your lemonade stand design -  what you used for your lemonade stand),

  •  product - recipe you chose, how you made the lemonade

  • services - what services did you provide beyond your lemonade product

  • advertisements and promotional copy( how did you let people know about your lemonade stand)

  • selling approach- what did you say to people to get them to buy your lemonade

  • customer satisfaction - testimonial from customers (what your customers thought about your lemonade stand), what customers think of your service and your lemonade

  • team - people that helped you (team members - what did each person do)

  •  business plans (the steps you took to get organized and to set-up your lemonade stand, the location you chose, all the decisions you had to make to get started)

  • performance - how long were you in business, how much did you sell, how many people passed by, how many stopped at your stand, how many purchased your lemonade? 

Lemonade Stand Business Category Awards (each of the points above)

 We will be acknowledging kids in each of the above categories. You may have the best advertisement even if you didn't sell much lemonade!

We are planning a range of  awards for kids in the form of Kid's Digital Dollars to help you further develop your business abilities.  We will also acknowledge you on our website and  provide you with certificates. The greatest award will be your personal satisfaction and experience from your business venture!

Age category guidelines: (subject to change based on participation)

Kids 7 and under:

Tell us a story about your experience of developing and running your lemonade stand.

Kids 8-12 :

Tell us what you did and what it was like developing and running a lemonade stand. Present your thoughts in kid's words with a focus on the things you learned from your experience.  You can include as much of the "framework  to consider"  as possible.

Kids 13 and older:

You can still take the story approach. You  can also write an  executive summary of your experience and consider writing a traditional business plan.

This contest is all about providing kids with a positive experience. What the kids do to plan their business and how they operate (or plan to operate it)  is important. The presentation isn't as important as the experience and therefore the time should be spent on the experience rather then the writing of the experience. We will have business plan writing contests later, but not for this project.

This is not a project that we want your parent to do for you.  Getting parents or teachers to help is ok by advising you and helping you understand business concepts, but we want to see what you can do! You will get much more out of this project if you take ownership in it and we guarantee that you will  learn and to developed your business skills. 

Contest Date:

The Lemonade Stand contest is ongoing with no deadlines. We don't want to exclude any young entrepreneurs.

 Based on the level of participation,  we will change things accordingly. We will try and respond to participants within a few weeks and present awards every few months. The "Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur Of The Year™  Award" will be awarded within a month of the end of the year.


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