Lemonade Stand Program

Helpful Tips

Helpful tips on planning and/or getting prepared for your lemonade stand business

  • Grab a pad of paper and a pencil and start scribbling down some ideas and doodle a little

  • Write a business plan to work through the many things you need to consider
  • Prepare a budget on the cost of all the things you need and the expected sales of lemonade

  • Choose a name for your lemonade

  • Create some advertising to raise awareness on your business

  • Consider some promotional ideas to assist you with product sales

  • You may want to put a recommendation together to sell the idea to a parent, partner or friend
  • Consider our book, The kids' Guide To Business to help you develop your business

  • Consider getting a business club together to work through the development of your business

  • Write an executive summary to present to investors (parents) who will provide you with the money to get your lemonade stand business started

  • Get the financing (money) you need to get your lemonade stand business started, with our seed capital financing program

  • Consider contacting the media to get some coverage.

  • Review our business basics program

  • Review our entrepreneurship program

  • Examine how to make a profit in our Kid's Business Basics - Profit section

  • You may want to look at commercializing your work in Kids-Works-Ventures

  • If you do choose to set-up a lemonade stand, please make sure that you review your own personal safety with an adult. Make sure you are safe at all times.

  • Go for it and have some fun!

Please consider our book "The Kids' Guide To Business" to help kids learn about & experience business and prepare for careers. It is a helpful book for your lemonade stand business project.

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Things To Think About For Your Lemonade Stand Business.