Parent Information

Thank you for visiting this section, as we feel it is important to communicate with parents to ensure that there is a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish and to help you play an important role. 

We appreciate there has to be a level of trust and respect between you, your kids and the websites they visit. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for you to monitor the kind of websites your kids are viewing and the type of information that  your child provides to anyone outside of your home.  

We appreciate your concerns and have developed with the sincere goal of providing safe, quality programming for life skills, business and career preparation;  hopefully, in an enjoyable, but progressively challenging way. 

Our site is called Teaching Kids Business but our programming covers a much wider subject matter then the title suggests. Our resource center helps kids develop life skills that can be used in everyday life and eventually in business. Our site helps kids prepare for their future in a broad way.  

We exclude religion, sex education and politics from our programming to ensure that you and the appropriate authorities deal with these potential controversial topics.  We believe  we present business in a fair and kid-friendly way. We are not trying to make any kind of statement beyond the reality that most people will be working in a business and that it would be helpful for kids to take steps to prepare for their futures in general and specifically for their futures in business.

We have created the components of the site for a range of ages. We have stated 8 to 18 to be the likely ages, but do not want  to exclude kids because they do not fit into that particular age range.  Therefore, you should look at it on the basis of the child's capabilities and not  their age. There is nothing wrong with working through some of the tools with a child that can not read.  You will still be exposing them to some positive influences at an early age, that will impact them in the years to come. The sections have been designed to accommodate a wide range of capabilities (ages).  Kids will experience varying degrees of enjoyment and results.  They don't have to grasp the concepts completely, to gain knowledge and enjoyment.

It should be clear throughout the website, that it is not essential that kids know their career  choice/s at a young age.  We are only trying to help prepare them, by kick-starting the thought process, so they ask questions, discover more about themselves, gain confidence, information and a better understanding of the many choices available to them.

We as parents are teachers.  We may not get paid as teachers, but we are compensated by our children in many other ways. Although our kids don't always appear to listen to us ,or do what we ask them to do, they definitely learn from us. (Good and bad habits.) 

 Don't underestimate your ability to influence (teach) your kids about business. will provide you with valuable information and a framework to start discussions, which will enhance your child's understanding of business and your interactions with your child. We hope that business discussions will help bridge generation gaps and give kids the confidence to join in with business related conversations.

The next time you ask the "how was your day" question to your child, be prepared to answer the same question yourself.  When you answer the question, make sure you give them some details to help them understand your work or things that you are doing.

We Can Make A Difference

People’s lives are so busy nowadays and unfortunately, to the detriment of our kids. There is a huge opportunity to facilitate a program, to assist in the development of kids. The phrase "it takes a whole community to raise a child" is more applicable then ever.  We can develop programs to direct their energy and potential to learn and accomplish wonderful things. 

 Some will argue, that it is the responsibility of our education systems and governments to deliver these programs and  that kids at the age of 8 and up are too young to begin this process.  While the educational systems and governments are making progress in teaching business and entrepreneurial development, there continues to be room for enhancement from our community groups.

When it comes to business, I think you would agree that government and educators need the assistance of the business community. The business community is clearly the most entrepreneurial and possesses the highest degree of first hand business experience and knowledge.  Our strategy is to provide resources which are adapted by business users, engage all of business organizations, but in ways that best utilize their expertise and resources. 

To counter the argument of the appropriate age for this type of learning; I suggest we consider a child's potential and not their age.  If we expose kids in a way that is appropriate to their ability and provide them with insight that helps develop thinking processes about career/business, we will succeed.  I am not suggesting we drill them with business terms vs. multiplication tables, but to expose them to career/business information and experiences in an engaging way.  

Unfortunately, we have to compete with TV, toys and video games, but we can be creative in how we balance this.  As we succeed, we will have accomplished something meaningful and lasting.

We Must Be Protective on the Commercialization Aspects of Business

I have given a lot of thought to the concerns of commercialization of initiatives targeted at kids. Our intent is to create a financially viable business that is funded in a creative way, in order to protect the kids from unrelated commercialization.  I feel it is inappropriate to advertise products to kids which are unrelated to the goal of developing career and business choices. The strategy will develop over time as we develop relationships with the right business partners, who share our sensitivities to these issues. There will not be any conventional banner advertising for unrelated products.

We have created our own commercial products to help fund the development and management of the site available in our store. We appreciate your support.

Pressuring Kids

Please do not pressure kids into excelling in business at an early age. Be patient and nurture their  development as we do, in arts and sports at their early age. Too much pressure at this early stage of your child’s business skills development, may turn them off of the challenge. Let them take their time to grow with the process and encourage them along the way. We are not trying to create business pressure, but expose them to low risk experience. 
As your child tries the business game  he/she will experiences successes.  The way you view success will impact how they feel about their efforts. Their success will manifest itself in many forms; success from getting their company going with a name and product, learning about business, discovering opportunities they never dreamed of, improving reading, writing, math and decision making skills and developing as an entrepreneur.

Please use good judgment in balancing the demands of a child's life. Let them be kids while you influence their lives in positive ways. Business preparation should only be an activity that is balanced with the many activities kids currently have.

Please be supportive of their initiative and don't place your focus on their focus which commonly on the results. They will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

Bytes of Advice

You are hopefully starting a long-term commitment, to continuously seek out ways to enhance your child’s education and help them discover and develop choices in their career/business lives.

If you proceed to the business launch of a business, be creative on how you provide the money to your child.  Easy come easy go.  Help them understand that you are willing to make this investment in their business experience, but in return expect them to try hard to develop and  operate their business.

Have some fun with the "tools".  Your child may start making recommendations to you in writing and start looking for more responsibility to build up their résumé.  These and additional questions & requests, should be an interesting challenge for you. If they ask you to be an e-Mentor, a business advisor, or angel investor, please find the time, patience  and interest to help them out.
Visit  the "Resource Center" and discuss the "tools" with your kids.  See where their  interests lie and think of ways to further develop the interests they have expressed.  Help them investigate a variety of opportunities and encourage them to explore different career paths.Visit "Business Encounters" and help your kids develop "experience" that will further their understanding of various careers and business opportunities, while providing them with the additional skills and confidence needed, to begin their journey to the future business world.  Explore the "Just for Clicks Business Game" to create a business situation for your child, that will nurture an interest they may have, as well as their skill development in business and most importantly, afford you quality time as a family, participating in a great activity!

Give some thought to giving a little of your time to further develop, by visiting the "Community Involvement" area.  Hopefully, you will find an area of interest that you can contribute towards, to enhance the experience for your child and many others.

Parents will play several roles in  Your support and encouragement for your kids to take steps to develop business skills and create their career path, is extremely important.  Please review our privacy policy and our parental consent form.


Jeff M. Brown

About the founder