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An important part of, is providing you with tools to develop your  business skills at an early stage.  We would like to introduce you  to a very helpful tool; a method of writing a recommendation. 

The recommendation tool  has been created to help you take your ideas and present 

them in a way that will prompt results.  We all have great ideas that we either haven't 

taken the time to develop, have not been comfortable talking about, or felt uneasy 

presenting to anyone. 

Have some fun with this activity at home by making recommendations around the house. For example, you may feel an increase in your allowance or more responsibilities are in order!

 The skill of writing a recommendation, will allow you to  unleash your great ideas and move towards taking action.  As you enter the business  world, you will find this skill to be a very valuable tool and in the mean time, it may  help you with ideas at home and school.  

Look at it this way:  To recommend is to advise, counsel, or suggest.  An idea is a thought, an opinion or belief.  A recommendation is simply a way for you to combine both of these things, by writing down your ideas in a short and concise format, that people can easily review.  

Recommendations are used by many companies to develop ideas, share them with other people and use them to make important business decisions.  We have developed a recommendation  format that walks you through a number of steps.  These steps should help you generate excellent  workable ideas. 

This approach will be a  very useful tool, which will help you to bring ideas forward in  areas of your life. Take some time and try a recommendation for and have some fun with trying one at home (build a case/recommendation for something you really need or would like to try). 

The format will be a little of a shock at first, but as you work with it and create your own style, you will find it very useful.  If this process allows you to get your great ideas down in writing, it can be considered a success and you will have progressed a step further in developing your business skills.

[Take me to the Recommendation Form]