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Youth Empowerment

 We are exploring and developing Youth Empowerment to benefit you and all the people you will interact with in the future.  The more empowered you are the better you will feel about yourself and the more you will accomplish in life. We are taking a lot of steps to really do something in this area and hope you will give it some thought .

What is Empowerment?

Empower means: to give power or authority to; authorize. To give ability to; enable; permit.  Let's say that  if you were empowered you would feel good about yourself and value your endless potential. This is not a very well developed or  understood concept with kids or adults, so help us make it work. is an excellent organization that helps empower youth.

Why kids should be involved.

We are working at developing reasons and more importantly opportunities to involve kids in and in business. The following are a number of ideas we are exploring;

Diversity (many voices and many perspectives)

Kids may not have years of formal experience but kids offer intelligence, creative thinking and a perspective that we can all learn from. Kids will listen to kids and more effectively learn other peoples perspectives.


To have true democracy, everyone has to be heard. This should include kids. We need to listen to kids, hear their views, ideas, passions and act on their ideas so that kids will respect democracy and ensure that it continues to thrive in the future.  If kids are dealt with in a democratic way, they will be more likely to respond in a democratic way.

If adults keep telling kids what to do, it is bound to effect how kids deal with other kids and adults in later years.

As we evolve we want kids to participate in the decision making with the use of surveys and other ways of sharing opinions. 

Bottom-line is that kids know what works for them.

Kids know what works for kids, so we need to ask kids about things that are being developed for them. We can save a lot of time and money by doing things right and that work of kids. There is also a need to work with kids to give them a perspective of what may be good for them based on the right reasons.  Video games and junk food may work for kids but we need to work together to think about what we are trying to accomplish and how we need to go about it.

We are developing on the basis of what works for kids.

Youth Development Opportunity

If we can provide leadership opportunities for kids, we can change the lives of kids.  Leadership helps kids develop confidence in their opinions and ideas. If we can involve kids in leadership roles we will give them the opportunity to benefit personally from having the satisfaction of having their ideas impact decision making.

We recognize that kids are often ignored and undervalued. If we can engage kids and find a way to have them involved in a meaningful way, we will bolster the self-confidence of many kids. As kids see other kids participate in our website we believe that this will have a very positive impact on the self-confidence of kids in general.

  • Our community involvement section for kids identifies a number of ways for kids to get involved.

  • Our "Resource Center" provides you with a number tools to help you develop business skills and prepare you for a career.

  • Our experience opportunities  help you gain valuable work experience.

  • Our Just For Clicks Business Game and will provide the opportunity for kids to explore business opportunities and provide them with the self-confidence to participate in business at an early age.

  • Our strategy section outlines some very innovative ways  to engage the participation of kids.

  • Our community involvement for kids identifies way to get involved.

  • Our "Kids-Works-Ventures" program is an excellent for kids to lead projects

  • Our "Business Club" is a great opportunity for kids get together and explore business.

  • Our Business Encounters creates opportunities for you to gain valuable experience.

  • Our Jobs-For-Kids Program empowers kids with jobs.

Long-term Education

There are so many positive things that we are trying to expose kids to.  We believe that many of the skills we help kids develop will also be used in managing their daily lives. We believe that our programs will not only prepare kids for careers but will instill lasting life skills and philosophies in  areas such as philanthropy.

Organizational Culture

We can learn from kids on how to improve our working atmospheres. Kids bring  a lot of enthusiasm and energy to things they do.  They should remind us that work and fun are not mutually exclusive.

Community Outreach

Involving kids allows kids to outreach into the greater community of kids. Kids are much more effective in communicating with kids. Word-of-mouth with kids is a very effective medium to develop participation.

Some website links to help engage youth in volunteering    - Canadian Center for Philanthropy   - International Year of Volunteers in Canada    - Volunteer Canada    - Volunteer Opportunities Exchange   - Voluntary Sector Research  -    Volunteering Statistics

If you can think of ways to further develop the concept of Youth Empowerment - please see our contact page.