This is our kid's financing program to help kids raise money for any business idea. This program is a unique financing program as it raises money for kids' businesses using real business tools that startups would use to raise money.


The businesses may range from a lemonade stand , our book selling business opportunity, other business ideas which you can find in our "business encounters", business ideas you develop in our "how to start your own business - for kids" or our planned

Seed Capital


You have probably planted seeds to grow something. This program helps you grow or plant the seeds to grow a business by getting seed money or money to get your business started.


ABC's of one to two zero financing™


This means we take basic steps to financing (raising or getting money) in amounts that have one to two zeros in the number such as $10.00 to $100.00. Business financing normally has many more zeros in the number as the amounts are for thousands (three to five zeros) and millions of dollars. (6 zeros)


Sources of seed money

You may fund, get the money, for your business from your parents, savings, caddying, our Jobs-For-Kids Program, birthday gifts , and odd jobs or you can raise your money, like a real business start-up, from our seed capital financing program. This program helps you to raise money for a business.

Please consider our book "The Kids' Guide To Business" to help you learn about & experience business and prepare for a career.



Overview - Our Kids Seed Capital Financing Program

Kids are given ideas and a framework to raise money to start their own business.
We have created our "kids' Seed Capital Financing Program™" to provide kids with a realistic experience in financing their own kid's small business start-up.

Whenever you start a business you need to raise capital (get money) to pay for the things you need. Our Kids Seed Capital Financing Program™ identifies a number of steps you will need to take to raise this money.

Seed capital financing (SCF) is money used to develop a business in the very early stages of the business. Often seed capital is used to develop an idea or concept into a business. The seed capital stage is considered very risky as the business is often not generating the revenues (sales of product) and profit (making money - more in then out) to give venture capitalists and banks the confidence level to provide money to the business. Seed money normally comes from family, friends and wealthy individuals who take an interest in a business concept. In our program we expect your seed capital to come from your parents and family.
This will be your first round of financing to fund the set-up of your business. The business opportunities you create from your funding can be very diverse and interesting. We have used the example of our business opportunity to build a model for funding.

This seed capital funding will help you evaluate your business concept (figure out what business and product to try), the initial development of your KODIP (information product), advertising strategy, your set-up in and some working capital to buy the things you need for your business. 

How to request seed capital financing


Think of what you are trying to do. You are asking people to provide you with money so that you can develop a business. Think of the questions that you will be asked;

What are you going to do with the money?
How much do you need?
Do you know what you are getting into?
Do you have the time and expertise to succeed?
Do you need any help with your business venture?
Will we get our money back; when and how much?
To answer these and other questions you are going to need to think through the answers and prepare something in writing to share with your investors (people giving you the money). The most common way to approach this is with an executive summary and a business plan. You should also prepare a 30 second pitch to talk about your proposal. (kind of like a short commercial)


Tips For Preparing For Your Seed Capital Financing - Click on the tips below.

How to Pitch Your Idea - Tips and framework for presenting to your investor.

Seed Capital Agreements. We are developing frameworks for arranging seed capital financing. This can be a very detailed process. It may be a little overwhelming at first, but it will be an amazing business experience for you.


Business Plan Tips. We’re developing a number of helpful ways for you to prepare a business plan.