Social Return on Investment (SROI)


The concept of "Return on Investment" is used in business to help determine how the investment of money benefits the business. If you invest $100.00 of your money, you will want to know what you will earn in return - how much you will get for you money.


The concept of SROI helps us think about the social benefit of investments of time and money. If you were to go into a seniors home and spend 2 hours talking with seniors, you will have invested time and provided social benefit to the people you spent time with. The seniors would have benefited by your interest in them, your respect for their experiences and the happiness you brought them. You would also benefit from your experience of giving your time, helping others and learning from your interaction from others.


The same thinking applies to sharing time with children to teach them business. There is a return for the time spent on teaching kids business. Your efforts will not only contribute to their individual success in life, but also a more successful economy in which many will benefit.


An hour spent teaching a child business will have an excellent return.


A dollar spend on a gift idea, to help a child learn about business, will also provide an excellent return