Social Venture Fund

Our Social Venture Fund is an important part of's strategy. is a privately funded, social venture that benefits thousand of kids internationally.


We are reaching out to provide kids with the tools, experience, and community support. Our programming is helping to prepare kids for business, develop business skills and help kids explore career opportunities at an early age. 


Our Social Venture Fund is intended to engage adults and kids to help provide this wonderful experience to other kids and to ensure that less privileged kids have access to our programming. 



We have not registered as a charity, as it is our belief that a social venture can do the work of a charity and that a business is the most appropriate entity to teach business and effectively provide this social mission. We are aware that many charities are not effective in returning a high percentage of the funding to their cause. In our social venture, 100% of the funding goes to the cause of teaching kids business.


The "Social Venture Fund" is being created with the following goals in mind:


  1. Encourage people in general to talk to kids about their futures, help kids develop business skills and gain business experience.
  2. Encourage kids to help other kids by using our programming and providing our resources to other kids.
  3. Encourage kids to participate in and contribute to charity at an early age.
  4. Create awareness and opportunities for kids in business and early career development.
  5. Provide leadership in philanthropic activities in conjunction with business for our future business leaders.
  6. Provide kids around the world with the opportunity to benefit from the tools and experiences of, with the assistance of our Social Venture Fund.


Sources of Funding:


Please note that we do not accept advertising on our site, we have no corporate sponsors selling to kids and we have not used any government money to develop programming or maintain our site. 

We believe that to effectively teach kids business we need to operate like a business, but in a responsible way. We are very careful how kids interact with our business.


Therefore, to fund our business we are embarking on the following initiatives:


We have created business books for kids and to teach kids business. Proceeds from these books will be used to further develop our website.


Fundraising programs:


Jeff M. Brown, the founder of continues to generously support this site.


We welcome you to fund this social venture through our PayPal link. As we are not a charity your funding will be a purchase of programming which others will enjoy.


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The world will be a better place when we all, including kids, participate in philanthropic activities!


If you would like to provide some ideas for this initiative or direction for your funding, please contact us via email at: contact [@] teachingkidsbusiness [. ]com.