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Songwriting with a new message for kids!

Kids Overview

We would like to help you get started in songwriting. There are a number of ways to do this, but we thought we would create an internet based  program that gives you some ideas, some songwriting tips, a contest and the opportunity to share your song or parts of a song with other kids. 

Even if you don't write and/or perform a song, you can still contribute to the development of songs in our songwriting program. We really just want to get kids involved in music in a new way with a new message in songs.

We know how well music connects with kids so we are trying to connect kids to music by having kids participate in  the songwriting. Who knows, we may become a new record label!

Our Songwriting Program

Basically,  we want to connect kids and music in a new way, in new music, music in which kids participate  in developing through questions and lyrics. Music with a  message from kids that helps kids.

This is an opportunity for kids to get involved in writing music and for the music industry to work with to create new music  for kids. Nothing against love songs, but lets try something different.

The new music we have in mind has mentoring for kids.  Mentoring is about being lucky enough to have someone that cares about you and willing to give advice that helps you.  Music Mentoring is a program that is developing  to talk to kids through music and  for kids to talk through music .  We hope to develop music  that kids will listen to, help develop (lyrics and questions that the music answers) and walk away with something positive.

Like all of our programs, participation is free with lots of learning and good experiences.

We hope that Music Mentoring will  help you;

  • to prepare you for your future and for business, 

  • to answer your questions about business, careers and your future through music, 

  • by mentoring you  to provide you with advice through music,

  • connect with other  kids or to talk to kids through music,

  •  help kids make the right choices,

  • give you an opportunity to participate in writing songs.

This may all sound like a bit of a dream, but let's image some new things in music;

  • Imagine songs for kids and/or by kids that inspire kids through music ,

  • Imagine music that combines the imagination of kids and the magic of music,

  •  Imagine songs performed by music artists that inspire kids to prepare for their futures, encourage kids to discover their passions and develop their talents,

  • Imagine music that answers your questions about your future in a lyrical way,

  • Imagine music was a message of dreams of kids,

  •  Imagine radio stations featuring music by/for kids to help kids sort out their futures.  

  • Imagine a whole new kind of music and one that kids will drive,

  • Imagine music being used in school to teach kids life skills such as character or "Character Songs"

  • Imagine "Music  Mentoring" - Songwriting with a new and positive message for kids.

Let's connect with kids through music and create  music to mentor and inspire kids in new ways.

Kids love music and kids drive music trends, so let's help  to develop  a music  trend which helps kids in a fun and musical way.  

We are not songwriters or as musical as we would like to be but we will get the right people involved to make it work.  Please help us out! 

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How We Are Developing Music Mentoring

How Music Mentoring Got Started

Who Knows Who We Will Discover

Help Us Out

Songwriting Opportunities

[Character Songwriting]

[Songwriting Tips]

[Songwriting Contest]

How  We Are Developing Music Mentoring  invites kids to participate in songwriting and invites songwriters to create songs with a new message for kids; one that engages kids in a positive way and helps kids to think about their futures.  

Music is often about love and experiences in life and interpreted in many ways,  we would like to see more songs developed by role models with a good message.  There are many talented songwriters who often write what will sell and not necessarily experiment with a great new idea. is willing to experiment  and most importantly to develop music  that will impact kids in new ways.

We encourage kids to send us questions & perspectives on your future; parents and community members to share answers and advice  and songwriters to start developing lyrics and writing and sharing ideas with us.  We in turn will facilitate ideas into songs and work with music industry people to create and distribute songs.  Along the way, we will  provide kids with new experiences and opportunities. The involvement of kids at all stages of involvement is key. will act to coordinate and promote "songs for kids" or "Music Mentoring".  We will provide a resource center for kids to find  these songs ,  promote these songs on our website, help profile songwriters and possibly distribute the songs.

We have provided a "Demo Song" to introduce possibilities of Music Mentoring™.

How Music Mentoring Got Started

Our song idea was inspired from "Whatever Will Be, Will Be".  If you review the song "Whatever Will Be, Will Be" (Que Sera. Sera) by Doris Day,  you  will understand what can be done via music.  

Here are some words from the song "Whatever Will  Be,  Will Be" ) Que Sera. Sera

" When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be. Will I be pretty, will I be rich. Here is what she said to me. Que Sera. Sera, whatever will be will be.  The future is not ours to see.  Que Sera. Sera  What will be will be." ...

This song was written a long time ago and since it was written, things have changed, and new songs need to be written.  We realized that new songs would help communicate a similar message. has developed a successful e-Mentoring Program For Kids which has helped us realize the impact of mentoring.

The combination of new songs and mentoring was a natural fit with our philosophy of getting kids involved and partnering with others to help provide our programming for kids.  All of these factors brought us to the launch of our Music Mentoring program.

Who Knows Who We Will Discover

We can also use this initiative to help develop  future songwriters & musicians  and give kids an interesting and relevant learning experience to work on. Once we have songs developed, there are so many additional "experience opportunities" for kids to develop music for the songs, perform and record them!!! The opportunities are very exciting. Who know we may even showcase the next generation of music stars.

Check out our songwriting tips.

Our Kids-Works-Ventures Program may assist many aspiring songwriters to commercialize their songs.

Help Us Out

Give some thought to our  song  initiative and feel free to provide us with material to work with; a part of a song or an entire song or just write one for your own use.  To get started, kids can take a favorite song and use the tune but change the words. Do whatever works for you. 

Our songwriting tips is a good way to get started.

We encourage you to participate by sending your input to

Songwriting Opportunities (kids, parents and professional songwriters)

We are creating opportunities to write songs to help kids develop life skills, start to talk about careers and prepare for the future. 

There are many ways that kids  can help write songs , for example, by preparing questions that they would like answered.   Parents can help by preparing questions of their own  or questions they have had by kids , responses to kid's questions and advice to kids on preparing for  and considering careers.

A good way to approach songwriting  is to develop four lines of lyric on a topic, (every second line should rhyme and of course it all has to have some sense to it). The topic should relate to business in way that it talks to your future, your career, what you want to do with your life.

Writing a whole song may seem like an overwhelming task.  As kids submit  lyric and we have 12-16 lines of lyric (Maybe more, maybe less) we can compile them in order, assign one of the most specific verses as a chorus, which would be repeated 2-3 times in the song. Often the repeated concept or "Hook line" is the one used for the title. This is a basic song writing structure that we are planning to use with our professional songwriter.


Example : 

Kid's questions;

  •  When I grow-up what can I be?

  • Do you like what you do and should I do it too?

  • How do I figure out what I am good at and what I would enjoy to do?

Examples of Advice ;

  • You can be whatever you want to be...

  • Do what makes sense for you, something you have passion for and talent

  • Ask yourself some tough questions to understand yourself and what you can and can't do

Once we have the ideas we can start to write lyrics for music.

Here is a starting point to  start your song or please start from scratch!