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Hi, I’am Jeff Brown founder of,

Welcome to our site and I hope we can help introduce, prepare and launch you into business. 

You probably haven’t played business games, watched business TV programs, read business books or joined business clubs.  We hope to surprise you with activates which will be fun, interesting, challenging and help you prepare for your future in business.

Business will challenge you in new ways, develop new skills that you will use in your every day life, give you new levels of pride and accomplishment and give rewarding experiences.  Sorry for all the text - but we have a lot of things to tell you about in business!

We encourage you to have fun in business.  In our book, The Kids’ Guide To Business, we create a job called Vice President of Fun.  I believe that once you are encouraged to have fun and you are put in charge of fun, that you will have fun! As you explore our site, remember that it is up to you to make it as much fun as you need. If business is not seen as cool or the thing to do then it is up to you to make it the next big hit -  bigger then American Idol and the Apprentice.

When we talk about business we mean jobs in a business, starting a business and operating a business. When we refer to kids, we are not trying to exclude any ages - our programming can be enjoyed by children, pre-teens, tweens, teens young adults and even adults. We have used the term kids to cover anyone who would like to learn about business and doesn't have much if any experience. We respect kids of all ages and know that each individual will get different things from our site. It doesn't matter how old you are to learn about business.

I encourage you to use our site on your terms - how, when, where and why it works for you. Our rules are for you to learn and have fun. All we ask of you is to take time and invest in your future -  prepare for business. We hope you will set some goals to improve your skills, plan for your future and develop the confidence to talk about your dreams and participate in business.

I know you have many questions and need some help to get started. What do I want to be when I grow up? How to get started in business? How do I get a job? Where to start in   The home page will link you to many things to help you answer your questions. Take some time and read through the introduction and browse through sections that are of interest to you. Our resource center helps develop skills while the business encounters applies skills and develops experience.

  We want to make a business out of teaching kids business!  We are working hard at developing business activities and business programs for you.  We don’t charge you to use our site, it is free, and we don’t allow other companies to advertise to you. We are a unique kids based business that gives away lots of good products to kids.  We are a business and it costs us to operate our site, therefore we need to develop and sell products to pay for our costs to develop and maintain or site. We have a number of products we developed in our online store, which you will hopefully take a look at and support We have developed the idea of. "The Gift Of Business For Kids" to encourage gifts to get kids started in business.

 As you venture into business with us, please help other kids by telling them about our site and encouraging them to do business activities and share their experiences with us to help us inspire other kids!

 Good luck in business and please enjoy your experience in our site and your business experiences!




Jeff M. Brown



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