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What kinds of things do you dream about?

(You may find that your dreams will help you discover things that you subconsciously enjoy, or that you really want to do, but didn't realize. You may also find that if you start dreaming about something, it may help you focus on making it real.)

What are some things you like to do?

(You will probably start with entertainment.  For example, things you like to do just for fun.  If you have several on your list, you should number them, so you can apply each of the following questions on this form, to every "thing" on your list.  When you review your answers for your #1 and #2 thing, etc., you should also be thinking of other activities that you enjoy participating in and those you feel could possibly lead to a job.)

Do you want to do more of these things and improve your enjoyment/skills?

(You may want to decide if you are interested enough in your choices, to want to improve your skills.  This is very important when it comes to sports; as you have to train very hard to become good enough to be labeled a professional.  You will also find out, that it is easier to work on something, if you enjoy doing it.)

Do you know other people who like  the same things as you?

(If you can find other people that enjoy the same thing/things that you enjoy, you will do them more often and they will become more enjoyable. You could conduct a little research about your "thing", or talk to people that like to participate in similar activities.  Who knows? You might learn something from them or about yourself, that you hadn't thought of yet.)

 What are the things you believe you are good at?

(If you believe in yourself, you will be able to do amazing things. If you believe you can do something, you are on your way to doing it well!)

What do other people think you are good at?

(This may be very helpful for you when you are trying to discover your "thing".  There are talents that you are born with, that you may not have noticed yourself.  Ask people this question and ask them to be very positive when answering!) 

What would you like to be good at?

(There are probably things you would like to do that you can't, or haven't tried.  You may want to put some thought into figuring out how you can try these things and become good at them.  Set some goals and work on a plan to achieve them!

Do you know why you want to be good at it?

(Try and figure out why you want to be good at "your thing" or "the things" you have chosen. Then, give some thought to your reasons and challenge them.  Your reasons may change over time with your personal development and as your needs change.)

What do other people think you 

should do, when you start working?

(This can be helpful for you to understand how something you are good at can be used  in a variety of jobs. Try and understand how they came up with their answer.  You just have to ask why. This question will also help you understand that other peoples choices may seem to be good choices to them, but they may not be the right choice for the type of person you are or for the interests and skills you have. You will also learn how other people think, when making career choices.)

Can you make money at your thing?

(Don't worry about money at this stage and don't let it spoil the enjoyment you have for things you like to do now. At some point in time, however, you will want to balance your interests/enjoyment and place more focus on activities that you can" make a living" doing.  "Making a living" is an expression meaning; something you do that allows you to earn the money necessary, to purchase the things you need in order to live.  For example, food, clothing, housing, and other things that are important to you.)

You may find that once you get through all or most of these questions, you may want to re-do them. This is expected, as each answer will help you shape and re-shape the choices you start to think about. Remember, your choices don't have to be your final answers.   Continue to discover and develop many exciting choices over the years.  Each time you choose to complete this form, try and add a few more "business things".

Congratulations!  You have taken another step in developing your career.  Don't stop here! Try it again. Try it as many times as you like or need to and experience some of the other "tools" we have created to help you develop career and business choices at this early stage.

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